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1/2 Size Rolling Paper

  • Elements 1½ Ultra Thin Rice Paper Single Pack Elements 1½ Ultra Thin Rice Paper Full Box

    Elements 1 1/2 Ultra Thin Rice Paper

    Elements Rolling Papers are imprinted with proprietary crisscross watermarks that help prevent runs and allows for a smooth and even burn while leaving zero ash except for the natural sugar gum that turns into caramel as it burns.  Size = 78mm (L)...

    $1.50 - $23.00
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  • RAW Classic 1½ Rolling Paper

    RAW Classic 1 1/2 Rolling Paper

    RAW Classic 1½ RAW Classic 1½ is the size for people who like a wider smoke or want some extra paper for added burn energy.  Made from RAW's famous unbleached vegan plant fibers with  proprietary criss-cross steam imprint...

    $1.50 - $25.00
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  • RAW Organic Hemp 1½ Rolling Paper

    RAW Organic Hemp 1 1/2 Rolling Paper

    RAW Organic Hemp 1½ RAW Organic Hemp 1½ is a wider size of our natural hemp paper.  This size is popular in the southern region of the US and also with certain trick rollers (and with old school rollers who grew up on this size in the...

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