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This is a classy smoking accessory that is often forgotten. 

  • Raw Catcher Next Level Ash Tray

    Raw Catcher Next Level Ash Tray

    RAW Catcher Always use protection!   Stop getting ash and burn marks on your shirt / pants / shoes / couch / carpet / spacesuit with our latest invention – The RAW Catcher!  Put the RAW Tip through the Catcher’s holder and...

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  • RAW Crystal Ashtray 01 RAW Crystal Ashtray 02

    RAW Crystal Ashtray

    RAW Crystal Ashtray The RAW lead-free crystal glass ashtray is so thick it could probably stop a bullet!  RAW made this beautiful piece to bring you back to the art form that was the fine smokewear of the 1950’s.  The RAW Crystal...

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  • RAW Pocket Ashtray 01 RAW Pocket Ashtray 02

    RAW Pocket Ashtray

    RAW Pocket Ashtray This portable pocket ashtray was originally made for Japan (where ashing on the street is illegal). We created a simple but magnificent solution – The RAW Pocket Ashtray!  Small enough to fit in your pocket so you can...

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