Blazy Susan 1 ¼ Size Purple Prerolled Cones - 6 Cones/Pack

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Introducing Blazy Susan's Purple 1 1/4 Size Prerolled Cones! These cones bring an extra spark to your smoking experience with their vibrant, eye-catching hue. They are made from high-quality French-made rolling papers which deliver a slow and consistent burn with no aftertaste. Perfect for special occasions or simply sharing with friends - you can trust Blazy Susan to provide the highest quality cone experience. Each pack contains two stacks of three prerolled cones, making it easier than ever to get a quick puff. So don't delay and get your Blazy Susan Purple 1 1/4 Size Pre-rolled Cones today!

  • Size: 1 ¼ 
  • 6 Prerolled Cones/Pack
  • 21 Packs/Box

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