Blazy Susan King Size Slim Pink Deluxe Rolling Kit

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The Blazy Susan Pink King Size Slim Deluxe Rolling Kit is an all-in-one solution for smokers on the go! This stylish and convenient pack contains 32 King Size Papers, a stack of filter tip paper, and even a mini rolling tray built right in. Rolling up has never been easier - just grab your supplies, unfold the tray, and start rolling! The Rolling Tray makes it simple to dump any leftovers back into your jar or grinder without making a mess. Plus, its slim design won't take up too much room in your pocket or backpack when you're ready to hit the road. Make smoking more convenient with Blazy Susan's Pink King Size Slim Deluxe Rolling Kit today!

  • 32 leaves per kit
  • 32 tips per kit
  • 1 tray per kit
  • 20 Kits per Full Box

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