Your Guide To KARMA Hemp Wraps AKA ZAGZ Hemp Wraps

Your Guide To KARMA Hemp Wraps AKA ZAGZ Hemp Wraps

Jul 27th 2021

KARMA Hemp Wraps is made by Zig-Zag a rolling paper manufacturer established in 1879. As one of the world’s most notable rolling paper brands, Zig-Zag has been perfecting the art of creating premium rolling papers and hemp wraps. Zig-Zag sells an extensive range of rolling papers that are made with organic and premium materials known for their slow-burning qualities and ease of use. Although one of the newest additions, KARMA Hemp Wraps, previously known as ZAGZ Hemp Wraps, have quickly become one of the most popular hemp wraps in the market. We will be taking a closer look at KARMA Hemp Wraps in this article.

What are Hemp Wraps?

Hemp wraps are thin sheets of paper made out of hemp, used to “wrap” or “roll” the ground smoking product of your choice. Hemp wraps are popular alternatives to traditional cigar wraps because they are made from high-quality hemp and do not contain the nicotine and tobacco byproducts that traditional wraps contain. Although the idea of hemp wraps is similar to that of traditional rolls or papers, hemp wraps are preferred by smokers because of their slow burn, minimal aftertaste, and smoother hits.

How Hemp Wraps Work

Hemp wraps can be pre-sealed or glue stripped. Pre-sealed hemp wraps are tube-like wraps that don’t require sealing when you pack your smoking product of choice. You simply use a packing tool to scoop a small amount of the product and push it into the wrapped tube, light up, and enjoy.

Glue-stripped hemp wraps are more intricate and involved and work similarly to traditional cigar rolls. The flat sheet wraps will stick to each other; if they are rolled, you will need to separate them first. After your smoking product of choice is ready, simply flatten the hemp wraps and place the ground product on the hemp wrap. Most of it is placed at the center and a few of it on the edges. The edge with the glue strip should be handled facing upwards. Pack the smoking product in the usual way while wrapping the back and front, maintaining the strip on the open edge. Add moisture to the glue strip and place it on the surface for about a minute – this will secure the roll. After that’s set, simply fasten the filter and you’re ready to enjoy.

KARMA Hemp Wraps by Zig-Zag

Recently, Zig-Zag rebranded their previously known ZAGZ Hemp Wraps to now be KARMA Hemp Wraps. Despite the rebrand, the KARMA Hemp Wraps will not sacrifice its high-quality material and taste. As an alternative to traditional cigar wraps, KARMA Hemp Wraps is known for its ability to return smoother hits and slower burns. Each pack contains two hemp wraps with packing straws at affordable prices. When bought in bulk, each box contains 25 packs.

KARMA Hemp Wraps are made with 100% organic hemp and are free of nicotine and other carcinogenic byproducts found in tobacco blunt wraps. You can also enjoy KARMA Hemp Wraps in a variety of flavors depending on your smoking preferences: Original, Blazin' Blue, Purple Chill, and Tropic Trip. Each of these flavors will enhance the smoking experience by dispensing a unique taste to the smoker. The popularity of KARMA Hemp Wraps can be attributed to their refined taste, slow-burning qualities, and the confidence knowing you’re indulging in a cleaner, more natural product. Additionally, because they are non-GMO and contain zero nicotine, it is no surprise more smokers are beginning to prefer Zig-Zag products.

Benefits of KARMA Hemp Wraps

If you need further convincing, KARMA Hemp Wraps are being preferred by smokers of all levels due to their unique characteristics and benefits that contribute to elevating one’s smoking experience:

  • Non-Tobacco Alternative. Hemp wraps are good alternatives to traditional wraps since they do not contain toxic additives and nicotine.
  • Safe for Vegans. Hemp Wraps are non-GMO and gluten-free and do not contain any harmful products. This means vegans are able to enjoy them without any worries.
  • Pure Organic Hemp. Hemp wraps are made of pure organic hemp. Since they do not contain any harmful or artificial additives, smokers are able to enjoy a cleaner smoke.
  • Thicker Wraps. Hemp wraps are thicker compared to traditional wraps, which allows for a slower burn and smoother hits with each draw.


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