MatchBox Bros Holiday Picks: Best Smoking Accessory Gifts

MatchBox Bros Holiday Picks: Best Smoking Accessory Gifts

Dec 14th 2020

This year had its fair share of challenges and stresses, and while many people can't spend their holidays with their loved ones, you can still send them gifts to show them that you're thinking about them. With so many smoking accessories to choose from, it can be overwhelming to narrow down and choose the best smoking accessories to gift. Luckily, we've compiled a list of the best smoking accessory gifts for different budgets that any enthusiast would enjoy receiving this holiday season.

Best-Selling Glass Products

1)  GRAV® 14mm Glycerin Chiller Attachment

Glass products just have that extra luxe feeling that make it perfect for gifting. So what's not to love about the Grav 14mm Glycerin Chiller Attachment that lets you get ice-cold hits?

At five inches tall, this space-efficient chiller is designed to fit both male and female joints at either end and is compatible with any 14mm accessory and water pipe.The upgraded coil design maximizes airflow, cooling vapor, or smoke before it enters the water pipe. This means your hit has to travel further through the cooling glycerin before it hits. What stands out about this chiller attachment is it uses glycerin instead of water as a cooling fluid. Since glycerin doesn’t expand when cold, just pop it in the fridge or freezer and take it out when you're looking for a much cooler toke.

For $50.99, the Grav Glycerin Chiller Attachment is a great gift option for someone who enjoys a supercooled hit. It's a superb piece of equipment; unbelievably beautiful glass, versatile, highly functional, and delivers a cough-free experience. Plan to gift this to several people? Get it in three different glycerin colors; blue, green, and red!

2)  Spherical Pocket Bubbler

This unconventional pocket bubbler from Grav is designed to be fun, versatile, and always travel-ready. This amazing bubbler features a unique 10mm female joint that can fit a 10mm quartz banger for concentrates or an evenly rolled blunt and a 10mm flower bowl for use with herbs. This glass pocket bubbler has a compact round bubble base measuring 3 inches tall, with the unique design allowing it to sit upright on its flat bottom and fit discreetly in your hand.

The Spherical Pocket Bubbler is a great gift for those on-the-go priced at $33.99. It's compact, a cute handheld bubbler, made of high-quality glass, and easy to clean.

3)  Nectar Collector HoneyBird Core Kit

The Nectar Collector HoneyBird Core Kit is a great water filtration attachment for your Huni Badger Vertical Vaporizer. This beautiful piece of equipment is made of durable borosilicate glass and features a spill-proof design. It comes with a Huni Badger to Nectar Collector (HNBC) adapter that nicely screws into your Huni Badger's threaded mouthpiece port, resulting in an airtight seal for maximum draw performance.

For $45, this dab rig is an awesome smoking accessory gift for its unparalleled ease of use and portability, flavorful hits, and beautiful design. It is a must-have smoking accessory that will make an excellent addition to anyone’s glass collection.

Gifts $20 and Below

Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers or have a limited budget this holiday season, we’ve rounded up some great gifts priced at $20 and under that will still wow your loved ones.

1) RAW Artist Series Rolling Trays

RAW rolling trays are famous for their unique design, but RAW took it a step further with the Artist series by partnering with world-famous artists to create their RAW Artist Series. This rolling tray series is perfect for gifting your loved ones who have an appreciation for art. Artfully designed and decorated, RAW’s Artist Series rolling trays are crafted from high-quality materials and feature some insanely beautiful artwork.

At $19 each, these limited edition Raw Artist Series Rolling Trays are sturdy and durable, and come in their own unique styles. Grab yours before they sell out!

2) Cookies Harvest Club Jar

Running out of space to store your goods? The Cookies Harvest Club Jar is a great gift option to consider! This is a great storage system for those who are looking to store multiple products separately. Featuring a multi-part storage system, the Cookies Harvest Club Jar features 3 compartments that screw together to keep and separate your smokes. This feature allows the user to fully customize the storage to be as large or small as they need. The jars are also twistable to ensure your herb stays fresh and safe in their containers.

For $19, this will make a great gift that will surely make an impression thanks to its functional and convenient design.

3) RAW Hands-Free Smoker

Do you ever wish you could smoke while gaming or making your favorite brownies? This is a great gift for the multi-tasker in your life. With this hands-free smoker from RAW, you can now do everything and more. Made with heat-resistant nylon, it features a flexible yet sturdy loop that you can be worn comfortably around your neck. Stick your pre-roll into the ash catcher tip and sit back and enjoy. Plus, the heat-resistant nylon body will catch your ash as you smoke.

For just $17.50, this one-of-a-kind, hands-free smoker is the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season. Shop it now!

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