Elements Cone King Size (40/Pack)

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Element Pre-Rolled Cones are made of pure rice paper that burns clean and slow making it great choice for those who prefer a nice and easy, slow burn.  Each Elements paper is watermarked with a proprietary CrissCross imprint that helps in preventing runs and maintaining the smoothest burn.  The cross-weave pattern of the watermark encourages the paper to burn in an even manner, and the Vertical hard-stop lines provides a stopping point to further control the burn and give it a chance to self-heal before moving on to the next cross-weave section.  These cones have been tested and are guaranteed Thumper and Knockbox compatible.

  • Size = 110mm (L)
  • Ultra thin rice paper
  • Patented criss-cross watermark
  • Acacia gumline
  • 40 Pre Rolled Cones/Pack

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