Filter Tips

  • King Palm Corn Husk Filters Box

    King Palm Corn Husk Filters

    Made from all natural corn husks, these filters can be found in the King Palm's very popular rollies.  These filter tips prevent loose herb from falling through and into your mouth.  You can bite or squeeze the tip to adjust the tightness of...

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  • MouthPeace Filter Rolls - 10pc

    MouthPeace Filter Rolls - 10pc

    Moose Labs MouthPeace Filters use the antibacterial properties of activated carbon to absorb resins, toxins, and tar to enhance the flavor of your smoke.  These Triple-layer filters are specially designed so that they won't reduce airflow or block...

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  • RAW Black Tips

    RAW Black Tips

    The RAW Black Rolling Tips are made meticulously using techniques that have been passed down through the generations by master craftsmens.  Each RAW Tips are cut following the natural grain of the paper so that each tip will roll smoothly without...

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  • RAW Cotton Filter Tip Regular Size 200 pack

    RAW Unrefined Cotton Filter Tip Reg 200ct

    RAW natural unrefined cotton filters are as natural as they come. Filters prevent fillers from getting inside your mouth and reduces the frequency of harsh hits. Made using chlorine-free cotton fibers, these regular sized filters are perfect for using...

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