Glass tips

  • RAW Black Glass Tips RAW Black Glass TIps Standing

    RAW Black Glass Tips

    The RAW glass tips are now available in a black, slim borosilicate glass. The glass effect is the beautiful feeling of glass on your lips which isn’t absorbent like paper. This way you get to enjoy the best rolling paper in the world (which is the...

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    RAW Chiller

    The RAW Chiller is a holder designed to cool down your smoke.  Simply place the RAW Chiller into the freezer for a few minutes and use it as a cone holder.  The built in cooling chamber holds an ice-pack gel that retains near freezing...

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  • RAW Cone Bro Glass Tip RAW Cone Bro Glass Tip with Pre-Rolled Cone

    RAW Cone Bro Glass Tip

    The Raw Cone Bro is a glass tip that goes on the outside of a cone instead of the inside and works with both pre-rolled cones and hand rolled cigarettes. With the Raw Cone Bro you don't even have to worry about rolling a glass filter into your cone: you...

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  • RAW Glass Cone Bubbler

    RAW Glass Cone Bubbler

    Handmade in California, the RAW Cone Bubbler is made from extra-thick borosilicate glass with an etched conical cone holder (so your cone won’t fall out.)  It also has a unique water-break ridge to stop water splashes from escaping the chamber...

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  • RAW Turbo XL Glass Tips

    RAW Turbo XL Glass Tips

    RAW Turbo Glass Tips are rare and hand made.  Inspired by Kevin Smith thinking fast and using a pasta noodle as a tip on Playa at Burning Man.  These Turbo Tips spiral the smoke and give the ‘glass turbo effect’ which needs to be...

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