GRAV Clear Large Steamroller

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If the hits you get from most hand pipes just don't cut it, the GRAV® Large Steamroller is the piece for you. At 18" long you may need a friend's help to slay this giant, but it will be well worth the effort. The huge inner chamber will build up enough smoke for some truly monstrous hits. The Large Steamroller comes with a big bowl and a plastic joint clamp to hold the bowl in place during use, so you can load up plenty of flower and get to ripping. When you're ready to put the Large Steamroller down the glass feet at the bottom will hold it in place until it's time for your next quest.


Length  Height : 18"
Joint : 19mm Female
Use  With : Flower
Carb : Front And Center
Comes  With : 19mm Funnel Bowl
Designed  By : Dave Daily

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