Hempire Hemp Wrap Clemen-Terp Flavor

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Hempire Hemp Wraps Clemen Terp Flavor

With a refreshing citrus finish, these Clementine-Orange Wrap offers an opportunity to wrap some
sunshine around whatever you’re rolling up.

Hempire Wraps offer a clean smoke, without the tobacco and nicotine. It's a green twist on a traditional tobacco blunt wraps. Made with organic hemp farmed in the US, and infused with traditional flavors or contemporary terpenes. These lick 'n stick wraps are ready to take you and your buds on a flavor trip.

  • 4 rillo sized hemp wraps/pack
  • 15 packs/box

Hempire Hemp Wraps are available in Blueblurry Blaze, Cali Cream, Clemen-Terp, Honey Fu-Fu, Rilla-G, and Strawblurry Clouds

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