High Hemp Cones 8888 8888 Flavored Pre Rolled Cones

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Introducing High Hemp Cones 88888 Flavored Pre Rolled Cones – your new go-to for effortless, flavor-filled smoking. Made from sustainably grown European hemp imported from the Netherlands, High Hemp Wraps provide a smooth taste without all the harsh toxic ingredients. 100% Organic, Vegan, GMO Free and with zero nicotine or tobacco content – High Hemp is perfect for any smoker looking to enjoy their favorite herb in style. Now pre-rolled into cones for added convenience, High Hemp allows you to fill and pack a perfectly rolled joint within seconds! Enjoy the classic bubblegum flavored High Hemp Cones 888882 Flavored Pre Rolled Cones today!

  • Size: King Cones
  • Dimensions: 109mm (Length) - 26mm (Tip)
  • 2 High Hemp Cones/Pack
  • 15 Packs/Box

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