High Hemp Cones Grapeape Flavored Pre Rolled Cones

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With High Hemp Cones Grapeape Flavored Pre-rolled Cones, you can enjoy the smooth taste of High Hemp without all the harsh toxic ingredients. High Hemp is an organic product made with sustainably grown European hemp imported from the Netherlands and certified 100% Vegan, GMO-Free, and nicotine and tobacco free. Now pre-rolled into convenient cones for your convenience - no more rolling! All you have to do is fill and pack it to the top and fold in the edges for a perfect joint within seconds. Enjoy the tantalizing blend of grape flavored aromas found in Candice, Autumn, Royale, and Concorde grapes with High Hemp's delicious Grapeape flavor! Experience High Hemp today. Get your hands on High Hemp Cones Grapeape Flavored Pre-rolled Cones, and make every joint a unique and enjoyable experience.

  • Size: King Cones
  • Dimensions: 109mm (Length) - 26mm (Tip)
  • 2 High Hemp Cones/Pack
  • 15 Packs/Box

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