Nectar Collector HuniGuide Bubbler

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Nectar Collector® Huniguide Glass Bubbler Attachment for the Huni Badger 

Nectar Collector® is a master creator in next generation glass vaporizers that offer unparalleled ease of use and portability. The Nectar Collector Huniguide bubbler is the perfect water filtration attachment for your Huni Badger. Designed to fit perfectly on the 510 EGO Muzzle mouthpiece that comes with every Huni Badger kit, the borosilicate glass Huniguide spillproof bubbler is ready for action whenever, wherever you go.



  1. Fill the Huniguide with 1/5 to 1/4 of water
  2. Wipe down Huniguide, dry glass connection section with paper towel
  3. Equip Huni Badger with the 510 EGO Muzzle mouthpiece by screwing it on
  4. Make sure O-rings are in place on the 510 EGO Muzzle mouthpiece
  5. Now attach Huniguide to the Huni Badger by simply slipping it over the 510 EGO Muzzle mouthpiece
  6. Test and confirm the O-rings had secured the Huniguide to the Huni Badger
  7. Turn on the Huni Badger and enjoy!
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Huni Badger Nectar Collector Huniguide Bubbler

Nectar Collector HuniGuide Bubbler


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