I-Tal Hemp Wick Large (16.5ft)

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I-Tal Hemp wick is a natural fire source made for smoking enthusiasts.  I-Tal Hemp wicks do not contain chemicals, or impurities.  Instead, it is made from 100% natural hemp that is cured in beeswax.  I-Tal Hemp wicks are a perfect alternative to smokers looking to light up without the use of harmful chemicals like butane. 

  • 16.5ft/Pack
  • 24 Packs/Box

How to use:

  1. Light up the wick.
  2. Tilt up & down to control flame
  3. Use the clean flame to light up
  4. Completely extinguish after each use

Caution: Flammable

Must be completely put out after each use.  Do not leave burning unattended.  Keep away from children.

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