Juicy Jay's 1 1/4 Mello Mango Flavoured Paper

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Juicy Jay's Flavored Paper are premium rolling papers that are super fine, printed with soy ink, and some of the tastiest rolling papers you will find around.  They come in many different flavors, and is a favorite of smoking enthusiasts.

  • Size = 78mm (L) x 44mm (H)
  • Triple-dip flavour system
  • Revolutionary watermark
  • Acacia gumline
  • 32 Sheets/Pack
  • 24 Packs/Box

This important notice only pertains to non-menthol Juicy Jay’s® papers sold or consumed within the USA Juicy Jay’s® papers were previously sold for both tobacco and legal smoking herb use*. However at this time Juicy Jay’s® have ceased selling non-menthol Juicy Jay’s® papers for tobacco usage until further notice. For use with legal smoking herbs only.

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