King Palm 2 Mini Rolls - Strawberry Shortcake Flavor

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King Palm Mini Rolls are the perfect pre-rolled cones for smoking your favorite dry herb. With every puff, you’ll be delighted by rich and delectable notes of strawberry shortcake flavor - a sweet combination of strawberries and whipped cream! Plus, no rolling is required - simply squeeze the filter tip until you pop the terpene-filled flavor capsule inside. Enjoy up to 1 gram per mini roll. Each pack contains 2 mini rolls, or get 20 packs in a box. King Palms make it easy to enjoy your herbs without any hassle! Get ready for an unforgettable sesh with King Palm Mini Rolls ~ Strawberry Shortcake Flavor!

  • Size: Mini Rolls
  • Length: 84mm x 8mm
  • Holds: 1g
  • 2 Mini Rolls/Pack
  • 20 Packs/Box

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