King Palm 2 Mini Rolls - Suga Punch Orange Honey Flavor

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Introducing King Palm's Suga Punch Orange Honey Flavor Mini Rolls - the perfect way to pack your favorite dry herb with a blast of all-natural flavor. These pre-rolled cones are designed to hold up to 1 gram per mini roll, and come conveniently packaged in 2 mini rolls per pack with 20 packs per box. Pop the terpene flavor capsule inside the filter and get ready for a blast of juicy orange and pure honey flavors that will take your smoking experience to the next level. So pick up some King Palm’s Suga Punch Orange Honey Flavor Mini Rolls today - you won’t be disappointed!

  • Size: Mini Rolls
  • Length: 84mm x 8mm
  • Holds: 1g
  • 2 Mini Rolls/Pack
  • 20 Packs/Box

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