Moose Labs Mouthpeace Starter Kit

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MouthPeace is an innovative product that makes smoking from a water pipe Germ free.  When sharing a pipe with others, the MouthPeace will act as a barrier between your lips and the pipe, protecting you from germs and providing you a peace of mind.

The MouthPeace also acts as a filter.  Featuring a triple carbon filter, the MouthPeace will help filter out some of the harmful particles from reaching your lungs - like resins, toxins, and tar.  Won't it filter out THC?  The answer is no!  Studies have shown that filters like the ones used in MouthPeace won't remove THC.

The MouthPeace Starter Kit comes in a variety of colors.  It also includes 3 filter tips.


The MouthPeace Starter Kit is available only in Assorted Colors.  A random color will be shipped per order.


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