Mouthpeace Starter Kit by Moose Labs

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The Moose Labs Mouthpeace Starter Kit is the ultimate smoking accessory. Created by Mooselabs after 16 months of extensive research and development, this innovative product includes a Mouthpeace and three filters made from biodegradable and recycled materials. The triple-layer activated carbon filters sanitize your smoke or vapor, enhancing flavors while removing resins, contaminants, and tar - all without blocking your intake or reducing airflow. With the Moose Labs Mouthpeace Starter Kit, you can enjoy a smooth smoking experience with maximum flavor retention. Replace the filter as needed for optimal performance and see and feel the difference with every puff! Get ready to remove that final bit contaminants for an intense THC hit along with enhanced flavor from your legal herbs. Enjoy an improved smoking experience with the Moose Labs Mouthpeace Starter Kit!

  • 1 Mouthpeace Filter/Pack
  • 3 Filters/Pack

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