Orchard Beach Blunt Wraps - Grape Tree

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Orchard Beach provides the perfect way to enjoy a flavorful, nicotine-free smoking experience. These unique wraps are comes in packs of two and each box contains twelve packs, making it easy to stock up for an enjoyable smoking session. Orchard Beach's Grape Tree flavor is deliciously crafted with delectable and naturally selected botanical herbs found in Brazil and northern Argentina that are renowned for their medicinal properties. Orchard Beach uses its proprietary terpene infusion process to turn the high quality plant material into premium wraps with outstanding taste and aroma, giving you an unforgettable smoking experience. If you're looking for a truly remarkable smoke without the nicotine, Orchard Beach Blunt Wraps ~ Grape Tree will surely exceed your expectations! Try them today!

  • Dimensions: 110mm x 45mm
  • 2 Wraps/Pack
  • 12 Packs/Box

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