Puffs Pendy Melts Scented Candle

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Puffs Pendy Melts Scented Candle is a 100% natural soy candle company.  Each candle is hand poured in small batches with love using nothing but the best products available in the candle industry.  To keep things exciting, a trinket is included submerged within each candle.  Trinkets can be an american made glass pendant, caps, dabbers, etc.


BLAZIN BERRY: An enticing blend of blackberries, raspberries with middle notes of white floral greenery and bottom notes of musk and vanilla.

CARAMEL APPLE DELIGHT: Surround yourself in sweet glazed caramel top notes that collide with bottom notes of crisp freshly picked green apple.

* CHERRY LEMONADE: The cool sparkle of luscious cherries and sugar created lemon slices gives this candle a mouth watering fragrance you'll never forget.

COCO NUTS (RUDE OBSCENE): This new limited edition PPM is really about giving the gift of sarcasm.  whether its a micro *******, dripping ******* or rude crude sayings.  This batch of candles is sure to make you laugh your ass off!

DRIFTING THROUGH TIME: A perfect combination of natural earthy aromas that sit adrift.  With top notes forest draped greenery and bottom notes of aged dedar and oak.  Truly a timeless scent.

* FADED BLUE RAZZ: In with the sweetness with this all new Smokers Edition with scent currants of blushed raspberries, sun faded blueberries dipped in candied bliss.

FORBIDDEN FRUIT: A sweet mix of mango and papaya that semlls like the freshest of nectar straight from the fruit.

HIGH ON YOU: A captivating aroma.  With a combination of fresh fruits and tropical florals. This top seller will evoke memories of a oh so memorable fragrance from not so long ago.

* IRIES VIBES: The perfect melody of the top selling "Jamakin me Crazy" with a island twist and a hint of coconut to make this smell like Paradise.

JAMAKIN ME CRAZY: Smells like tropical paradise in a jar.  With hints of tropical fruit mixed with a wiff of dark rum, this scent is perfect year round.

LAVA FLOW: A tropical island blend of cherries, tangerines with a hint of sweet honey suckle.

LEMON BERRY: A fresh light. fruity scent.  The combination of lemongrass, rich strawberries, with bottom notes of exotic plum blossoms.

LOOPY LAVENDAR: A wonderful scent combination of lemon grass and freshly picked bouquiets of french lavendar.

MORNING MUNCHIES: Smells just like your favorite bowl of fruity cereal.  Be careful!! This scent is known to give you the munchies.

OCEAN ESCAPE: A refreshing blend of ocean mist with slight hints of lotus flowers and soothing sandalwood.

PEACH DREAM: A Rich combination of fresh ripened peaches, butter cream with hints of vanilla bean.

* PUFFIN BERRY: A mix of Blazin Berry and freshly harvested golden tobacco to give you an aroma that will be perfect all year.

* PUFFIN PEACH: Brand new all original hand mixed scent combined with juicy ripe peaches and freshly harvested golden tobacco.

* PUFFIN CREAM: The sweet creamy tobacco scent to all the amazin smoking utesils that can be found inside this limited edition.

* PUFF N PRIDE: Perfect for anyone who can't get enough rainbow treasures in their life. Hand mixed blend of fresh picked apples, sun ripened strawberryies, and bubbly champagne.  This candle will surely have you begging for more.

PUFFS PRIDE MELTS: The sweet scent combos of carnival style cotton candy and a hint of perfectly ripened banana.

SHOW ME YOUR MELONS: Packed with a juicy japanese melon fragrance with a light florial twist that will leave you wishing it was edible.

* TERP SMOOTHIE: A perfectly balanced super fruity scent.  Between the crisp green apples, juicy Georgia peaches topped off with sweet sun kissed strawberries... This is a must for any terpaholic.

* WATERMELON LEMONADE: Imagine chunks of watermelon mixed with freshly squeezed lemonade.  A sweet and sugary delight.  These perfectly blended conbination of juicy watermelon finished off with tart lemons will be sure to quench your nose buds.

WILD HUCKLEBERRY BASIL: Wild purple and blue huckleberries intertwined with the scent of freshly picked basil and subtle hints of warm rich jasmine.

* WILD N WACKY TANGY PASSION: This candle is so wild that every single candle is unique!

* WILD N WACKY TROPICAL WAVE: This candle is so wild that every single candle is unique!


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