RAW X Rolling Paper Burlap Bag

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This is RAW's Low Key Backpack! There isn’t a RAW logo anywhere on the bag, just a classic tab, a connoisseur up top, and a low key round logo that doesn’t say anything about rolling papers. So if you don’t know you don’t know, but if you know you KNOW!

The zippers on the front pocket to go all the way around the sides to the bottom so the front flap can drop out for easier access to the mesh pocket and storage inside. There are also twin compartments on the sides with even more storage for your prerolls, loaders and whatever other supplies you need for rolling up. 

The main compartment also has double silicone gasketed zippers to make it even more smell resistant, a nice new interior fabric and two interior pouches so you can keep your smoking supplies separated. It also has a proprietary 6-layer design with activated carbon layer sandwiched between two mesh layers, a water proof foil layer, an additional filter layer.  The outside is a washable thick Burlap so this backpack will last!

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