Rolling Supplies

  • RAW Spirit Box RAW Spirit Box

    RAW Spirit Box

    The RAW Spirit Box is a combination stasher and magnetic rolling ray designed to help unleash your smoke spirits. The top tray has a raised lip on 3 sides so you can easily prep, stash and store your spirits and supplies. There are 8 multi-sized tip...
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  • Purple Rose Supply G2 CannaMold Kit

    Purple Rose Supply G2 CannaMold Kit

    Build your own cannagar with the G2 Small Cannagar Mold from Purple Rose Supply. Cannagars provide an elevated smoking experience as a slow-burning, full-flavored roll that lasts for hours. Customize your cannagar to your liking by controlling the...
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    RAW RAWL Pen

    RAW Rawl Pen What can we say...  Why Not?  Put your trusted rolling pen, pencil, chopsticks away and replace it with RAWs Rawl Pen.  It even comes with plant based ink so you can scribble on your rolling tip. Designed specifically to roll...
    $3.99 - $65.00
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  • RAW Cone Flying Disc RAW Cone Flying Disc

    RAW Cone Flying Disc

    The RAW Cone Flying Disc will bring your games to the ‘hole’ next level! With the center cone holder, this new RAW Flying Disc makes it easy to puff, puff, pass!
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  • RAW x No Jumper Kendama RAW x No Jumper Kendama

    RAW x No Jumper Kendama

    Train your hand-eye coordination, reflex, and balance with the all new Limited Edition RAW x No Jumper Kendama. RAW has taken this traditional Japanese skill toy and put a RAW spin on it.  Taller and thicker spike Bigger cups for added...
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  • RAW Large Float Tray RAW Large Float Tray

    RAW Large Float Tray

    RAW Large Tray Float The name says it all, the RAW Large Tray Float is the perfect accessory for all pool parties.  Simply inflate, and roll on the floating tray without even having to get out. The Float Tray is designed to fit RAW Large Trays, but...
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  • RAW Tray Ghostshrimp Version 3

    RAW Artist Series Rolling Tray Ghost Shrimp V3

    RAW worked with world famous artists to create the RAW Artist Series, and the one and only Ghostshrimp is back at it again to create this RAWkin’ tray! The third rolling tray from this legendary illustrator in the RAW Artist Series features another...
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  • RAW Magnetic Mini Tray Cover

    RAW Magnetic Mini Tray Cover

    The RAW Magnetic Small Tray Cover – not only is it beautiful, but it’s also a great way to put away your stuff without having to put away your stuff! Just slap the cover on your rolling tray and it keeps out dog hair, cat hair, prying eyes,...
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  • RAW Pro Tips

    RAW Pro Tips

    RAW made these RAW PROTIPS for BIG PHATTY ROLLS, crazy custom rolls, and for the creative RAWling team who needed these for the insane over-the-top creations like the RAW Smokable Bicycle and the RAW Crossbow. Available in single pack and full box...
    $1.25 - $34.99
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  • RAW Cone Rolling Machine 110mm

    RAW Cone Rolling Machine 110mm

    The RAW Hemp Plastic Roller is made from eco-friendly natural hemp composite plastic.  These rollers are produced on the island of Kudus, Indonesia where the original clove cigarette factories were established.  Kudus has a long history of hand...
    $4.50 - $42.00
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  • RAW Cone Creator

    RAW Cone Creator

    This pocket sized RAW Cone Creator is the perfect tool for making your own cones on-the-go! Just roll a tip and slip it into the hole. Then wrap your RAW paper around the Cone Creator. Line up the bottom of the paper with the base of the tip. Roll it...
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  • Mouthpeace Mini Starter Kit

    Mouthpeace Mini Starter Kit

    The new MouthPeace Mini allows you to share joints, blunts, e-cigs, and vapes without sharing germs. MouthPeace Mini Filters enhance the flavor of your smoke by removing the harsh resins & tar without removing any of the good stuff. This...
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  • RAW Bamboo Six Shooter Cone Filler King Size RAW Bamboo Six Shooter Cone Filler King Size

    RAW Bamboo Six Shooter Cone Filler

    The RAW Six Shooter is brought to another eco-RAW level with this deluxe bamboo version with magnetic bumped design! This variable quantity filler is designed to match your lifestyle. Sometimes you only want to fill one cone, while other times...
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  • RAW Black Glass Tips RAW Black Glass TIps Standing

    RAW Black Glass Tips

    The RAW glass tips are now available in a black, slim borosilicate glass. The glass effect is the beautiful feeling of glass on your lips which isn’t absorbent like paper. This way you get to enjoy the best rolling paper in the world (which is the...
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