SideTwist XL Blunt Roller

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The SideTwist XL Blunt Roller is the ultimate blunt-rolling machine for cigar and blunt aficionados looking for an effortless rolling experience. This patent-pending blunt roller offers convenience, speed, and ease of use with its twist-action design that can roll up to 4 grams of product in just a few seconds. Simply insert your wrap into the roller—up to 120mm length—and give it a little twist and you'll have perfectly rolled cigars or blunts every time! The SideTwist XL Blunt Roller eliminates the need to constantly replace worn-out belts, making it ideal for smokers who want quality products without the hassle. Get ready to experience the flippin' easiest blunt-rolling machine of your life with SideTwist XL Blunt Roller!

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