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Smoking Accessories

Match Box Bros has one of the largest variety of smoking supplies from premium brands at the lowest prices.  We are always adding new items so check back often.

  • RAW Retro Metal Tube 1pc

    RAW Retro Metal Tube 1pc

    Now there’s a better way to protect your pre-rolled RAW® Cones on the go! The Retro RAW® Metal Tubes holds up to a King Size RAW® Cone, and is made from strong aluminum like an antique cigar tube. The screw-on,...

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  • RAW Hydrostone Single Pack

    RAW Hydrostone

    RAW Hydrostone was created to keep your stash from getting dry!  The Hydrostones are made from uncoated natural terracotta clay that is kiln baked.  Allow the stone to soak in water for 5 minutes, and the natural properties of the terracotta...

    $1.50 - $20.00
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  • RAW Cigarette Tubes

    RAW Cigarette Tubes

    RAW Cigarette Tubes are naturally unrefined cigarette tubes. These tubes are made with 100% natural paper and feature a completely biodegradable filter tip. Filter length 15mm. Chlorine-free, all natural 200 per box

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    RAW LIFE Grinder

    The RAW LIFE Grinder is modularly engineered to last a LIFEtime!  Every component is easily cleanable and replaceable, even the screen.  You can add or remove components onto your grinder and customize it exactly the way you like. ...

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  • RAW Large Wooden Poker RAW Large Wooden Poker

    RAW Large Wooden Poker

    RAW Large Wooden Poker is the perfect tool to have when rolling your own.  It measures 8.75" in length and is perfect for blunt wraps, hemp wraps, cones, papers and more.  

    $1.75 - $30.00
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  • RAW Pocket Ashtray 01 RAW Pocket Ashtray 02

    RAW Pocket Ashtray

    This portable pocket ashtray was originally made for Japan (where ashing on the street is illegal). We created a simple but magnificent solution – The RAW Pocket Ashtray!  Small enough to fit in your pocket so you can go anywhere with...

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    RAW Chiller

    The RAW Chiller is a holder designed to cool down your smoke.  Simply place the RAW Chiller into the freezer for a few minutes and use it as a cone holder.  The built in cooling chamber holds an ice-pack gel that retains near freezing...

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  • Gold Stainless Steel Dabber Pick

    Dabber Picks is an essential tool you must have in your concentrate arsenal.  These Gold Dabbers will keep the sticky good stuff off your fingers so that you can smoke more and waste less.

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  • RAW Magnetic Stash Jar

    RAW Magnetic Stash Jar

    The RAW Magnetic stash jar is precisely engineered to both attach to your RAW metal tray and fit under the RAW Magnetic cover.  It's made from a combination of plant plastic and earth elements.  It features a silicone insert that will keep your...

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  • RAW Cone Caddy

    RAW Roll Caddy

    The RAW Cone Caddy was created to store your favorite pack of RAW Rolling Papers or pre-rolled cones in a sturdy tin so they won’t get crushed in your bag or pocket.  Carry six full RAW Cones in a special metal tin case with the RAW Cone...

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  • RAW Glass Cone Bubbler

    RAW Glass Cone Bubbler

    Handmade in California, the RAW Cone Bubbler is made from extra-thick borosilicate glass with an etched conical cone holder (so your cone won’t fall out.)  It also has a unique water-break ridge to stop water splashes from escaping the chamber...

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  • RAW Large Box

    RAW Large Box

    Each box has a magnetically secured cover that doubles as a rolling tray.  RAW carefully finished the tops of these lids so that they work perfectly as a rolling tray without your stuff getting stuck in the wood.  Each one even features a...

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  • King Palm Slim Rolls Watermelon Wave Flavor KING PALM 2 PACK

    King Palm Slim Rolls - Watermelon Wave

    The New Flavored King Palms offers all the great features of the original King Palms while introducing the option to Activate their amazing flavors by simply squeezing and popping their corn husk filter. These King Palm Slim Rolls are Watermelon...

    $3.50 - $55.00
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  • Raw Catcher Next Level Ash Tray

    RAW Ash Catcher Next Level Ash Tray

    Always use protection!   Stop getting ash and burn marks on your shirt / pants / shoes / couch / carpet / spacesuit with our latest invention – The RAW Catcher!  Put the RAW Tip through the Catcher’s holder and smoke it like...

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  • RAW Perfect Cone Maker

    RAW Cone Maker

    This special RAW Perfect Cone Maker was created to roll your perfect Kingsize Slim RAW Papers into a perfect cone.  You can also use a variety of RAW paper sizes to make the perfect cone, just for you.  Works best with RAW Perfecto and...

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