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Shop our extensive collections of Apparel and Swag from your favorite smoking brands. Get comfortable in a RAW Hoodie, organize your smoking supply in a Smell Proof Bag by Cookies SF, ash into a luxurious Crystal AshTray by RAW like a boss, and burn one in style.  

  • RAW Hands Free Smoker

    RAW Hands Free Smoker

    The RAW Hands Free Smoker! RAW's very popular RAW Ash Catcher V2 has been upgraded so you can smoke hands free!  Put the RAW Tip through the Catcher’s holder and smoke it like you would normally – the heat-resistant nylon body will...

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    RAW Ash Catcher V2

    RAW Ash Catcher V2

    Always use protection!   Stop getting ash and burn marks on your shirt / pants / shoes / couch / carpet / spacesuit with our latest invention – The RAW Catcher V2!  Put the RAW Tip through the Catcher’s holder and smoke it...

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    Was: $8.00
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  • RAW Black Smell Proof Smokers Pouch v2 RAW Black Smell Proof Smokers Pouch v2

    RAW Black Smell Proof Smokers Pouch v2

    The new and improved RAW Black Smell Proof Pouch v2 is must have storage device! This RAW enhanced smokers pouch has 5 layers of smell resistant materials and a removable full-foil insert bag! Keep your materials fresh and lock in the terps. This smell...

    $32.00 - $44.00
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  • RAW Lanyard v1 RAW Lanyard v2

    RAW Lanyard

    RAW Lanyard is a awesome way to carry your keys.  It is made of sturdy nylon fabric and a swivel hook clasp to make sure that your stuff is going to stay securely around your neck. The RAW Lanyard also features an alligator clip with the swivel...

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  • RAW Tokers Mask RAW Tokers Mask

    RAW Tokers Mask

    The RAW team never ceases to surprise us!  Designed with a magnetic clasp for easy access. Not a medical device. Not intended for medical purposes.

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  • RAW Magnetic Stash Jar

    RAW Magnetic Stash Jar

    The RAW Magnetic stash jar is precisely engineered to both attach to your RAW metal tray and fit under the RAW Magnetic cover.  It's made from a combination of plant plastic and earth elements.  It features a silicone insert that will keep your...

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  • RAW x Rolling Papers Day Bag RAW x Rolling Papers Day Bag

    RAW x Rolling Papers Day Bag

    This RAWking Day Bag has a built-in rolling tray, foil sealed bag-in-a-bag, genuine cork top, Velcro swappable patches, hidden stash pockets, activated charcoal smell-blocking liner, and a unique cross-banded storage area to keep supplies easily...

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  • RAW Gold Poker Necklace 01 RAW Gold Poker Necklace 02

    RAW Gold Poker Necklace

    Clean your pipes in style! The RAW Gold Poker is a quality, luxurious poker featuring the RAW logo. Case included Limited edition Sold individually

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  • RAW Black Beanie

    RAW Black Beanie

    The RAW Soft Beanie makes cold days and nights a little more bearable.  This simple but elegant hat has the iconic RAW logo patched and sewn across the front so it looks clean and is washing machine friendly.  Made extra soft and comfy, the...

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  • RAW Face Mask 3-Pack RAW Face Mask 3-Pack

    RAW Face Mask 3-Pack

    The RAW supersoft face mask! Made of the same supersoft Beachwood fiber as the High Fashion scarf with a cotton jersey backing and formable nose piece.  We think it's the softest most comfortable face mask that is truly RAWesome! Not a medical...

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    The RAW Rawlers Hoodie has a built in rolling tray pouch, pokers and stash spots.  It's the ultimate in smokewear hoodies!

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  • RAW Mens Hoodie Black w/ Poker String 01 RAW Mens Hoodie Black w/ Poker String 02

    RAW Mens Hoodie Black w/ Poker String

    The RAW Black Poker Hoodie is the worlds first hoodie with built-in pokers!  The RAW Black Poker Hoodie looks cool but feels extra warm!  The elongated smooth-edged metal tips ensure you are never without a quality poker when you need to roll...

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  • RAW Perspector Magnifying Vision Enhancer RAW Perspector

    RAW Perspector

    RAW Perspector is a great gadget to have to inspect and admire your favorite herb.  The perspector has a magnetic magnifying vision enhancer with a super bright UV Light & 3000k LED.  It even features slots for a clipper lighter, a single...

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  • RAW Smoker Girl Tee

    RAW Smoker Girl Tee

    The RAW Smoker Girl isn’t afraid to light up anywhere!  This 3-color universal graphic tee is made from a high-quality cotton blend so it’s comfortable, and has a banded crew neck so it won’t lose its shape after a few washes...

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