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10 Popular Smoking Products to Gift for the Holidays

by admin Oct 04 2023


Are you ready for everyone’s favorite time of the year: the holiday season? As always, gift-giving is a big part of the holidays. However, every year, many struggle with finding presents for their friends and loved ones. With the holiday season quickly approaching, now is the best time to search. To help you find that perfect gift, we’ve rounded up the 10 most popular products for every type of smoker on your list.

1. RAW Reserva Wearable & Waterproof Stash

The RAW Reserva Wearable Stash is the perfect gift for your outdoorsy friends or those always on the go. This air-tight, waterproof stash comes in the form of a necklace and is made out of plant plastic and hemp. Because it is waterproof, you will never have to worry about your rolls or cones getting damp or humid. 

RAW Reserva Wearable Stash

2. Pocket Size Scale: My Weigh Triton T3

Pocket-sized scales are an excellent gift for smokers who use precise measurements for herbs or other medicines. Pocket-size scales are easy to use, discreet, and assure consistency. For a complete gift set, they can be paired with other smoking supplies like rolling papers, grinders, and lighters. A great option is the My Weigh Triton T3 pocket size, portable scale since it is reliable and has a 30-year/lifetime warranty.

My Weigh Triton T3

3. RAW Hands-free Smoker

For the multi-tasker friend of your group, the RAW Hands-Free Smoker is perfect for them. This product is an upgraded version of the RAW Ash Catcher V2, wherein users can now smoke hands-free. All you need to do is put your roll through the holder, and the heat-resistant ash catcher will ensure no ashes fall to the floor or on your clothes. With the RAW Hands-Free Smoker, your friends can enjoy their smoke session while playing games, baking holiday, or watching cheesy holiday movies. This is a perfect and handy gift for your friends who are always on the go.

RAW Hands-free Smoker

4. RAW Six Shooter

The RAW Six Shooter is an excellent gift for those who like to smoke regularly but are tired of rolling their cones by hand. It is a compact, functional, and accessible product that can roll up to six cones in less than a minute. No need to worry about making a mess, losing precious herbs, or wasting time. Because it makes 6 cones at once, the RAW Six Shooter can also be utilized for extra storage space. This product comes in three sizes: 1¼”, King, and Lean. 

RAW Six Shooter

5. Shine Rolling Papers Gold 4 Piece Grinder

The Shine Rolling Papers Gold 4 Piece Grinder is for those who appreciate both practicality and a modern, sleek design with their smoking accessories. The grinder's four-piece construction helps keep a consistent grind. Another significant aspect of the four-piece grinder is the kief gathering mechanism! The gold grinder includes a magnetic lid for usability and an integrated sift screen for separating ground herbs from kief. This gift is a great conversation starter for friends or fellow smokers.

Shine Rolling Papers Gold 4 Piece Grinder

6. RAW Ash Catcher V2 - Next Level Ashtray

The RAW Ash Catcher V2 - Next Level Ashtray is a useful smoking accessory that is both an ashtray and a cone or joint holder. The best part is its convenience for home cleanliness, clothing, and skin protection. The RAW ash catcher makes it easy to keep smokers clean and safe from ash and burn marks. This ashtray is the gift that smokers never knew they needed. 

RAW Ash Catcher V2 - Next Level Ashtray

7. RAW Tiny Tray Magnet

The RAW Tiny Tray Magnet is a tiny rolling tray for smokers (and magnet collectors). Smokers can use it as a tray when they are out and about or as a fun magnet for decoration. Despite its small size, the Tiny Tray Magnet is a novelty and useful gift for the smoker in your life, with the RAW logo and branding adding a stylish touch. It is easy to clean, versatile, and fits any smoker's equipment. It is a sensible and affordable gift option!

RAW Tiny Tray Magnet

8. RAW Playing Cards

RAW Playing Cards are a popular and affordable gift for smokers due to their brand recognition, original designs, and unique conversation starter. These smoking-themed playing cards are lightweight, portable, and affordable, making them great for outdoor or travel sessions. 

RAW Playing Cards

9. Beautiful Burns Pre-Rolled Cones

Have an artistic friend in your group? Add some aesthetic to their smoke sessions with Beautiful Burns pre-rolled cones. These ultra-thin and eco-friendly pre-rolled cones are super lightweight and slow-burning and adorned with beautiful designs. Each pack comes with 8 individual pre-rolls. This is the perfect gift for multiple friends in your group because each pack has a different design to accommodate different tastes.

Designs include Black & Gold, Breakfast at Tiffany, China Blue, Happy Daze, Over the Rainbow, Power Pink, Pretty in Pink, South Beach, Flower Saturation, and Unicorn Dream. They even have a Rick & Morty edition!

Beautiful Burns Pre-Rolled Cones

10. Shine® 24K Gold Cones

Treat your friends like royalty this holiday season with Shine® 24K Gold Cones. These pre-rolled cones are made with 100% pure edible gold, making each smoking session a luxurious experience. Each roll includes a paper filter tip and comes packaged in a plastic tube with a threaded screw top. The packaging ensures maximum protection for storage and travel, no matter where you go. Get this great gift today.

Shine® 24K Gold Cones

Key Takeaways

Don’t wait until the last minute to buy all your holiday gifts. Shop for everyone on your list (or yourself!) at and explore our entire product selection today. With just a few clicks, consider your holiday shopping complete.

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