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5 Things You Should Know About Skunk Terp Hemp Wraps

by admin Oct 25 2021

For over 20 years, Skunk Brand has been a fan favorite for smoking products. As one of the leading brands, it sells a wide assortment of high-quality rolling papers, hemp wraps, and other smoking accessories made from premium materials. Skunk Brand’s newly released Terp-Enhanced Hemp Wraps have quickly become one of the most popular hemp wraps in the market, providing smokers with a simple yet enjoyable smoking experience. Interested in learning more? We’ve put together a list of the 5 things every smoker should know about this new product from Skunk Brand.

Terp-Enhanced Hemp Wraps

As a trusted and reliable brand of hemp wraps, Skunk Brand’s Terp-Enhanced Hemp Wraps are designed to be extra thin with all-natural, slow-burning, and flavorful qualities that smokers of all experiences can enjoy.

1. Made of All-Natural Materials

For smokers who are more conscious of the harmful chemicals in rolling papers and wraps, many are becoming more interested in products that are produced with organic components. Created with nothing but all-natural toasted hemp and hemp plant terpenes, Skunk Brand’s terp-enhanced hemp wraps elevate your smoking sessions to become a more effortless and satisfying experience. Manufactured with 100% pure hemp and zero tobacco, nicotine, or additives, these hemp wraps are loaded with terpenes, which are known to promote stress relief and relaxation. Not only that but Skunk Brand’s terp-enhanced hemp wraps offer a smooth flavor that you can only get from natural hemp. Another benefit of these hemp wraps being composed of all-natural ingredients is that every wrap is entirely biodegradable, lowering your carbon footprint. This allows smokers to experience the most environmentally-friendly smoke possible.

2. Provides a Slow Burn

Skunk Terp Enhanced Hemp Wraps are specifically designed to burn slowly and evenly. Along with the use of the most eco-friendly materials, Skunk Brand has created these terp-enhanced hemp wraps to be thicker than traditional hemp wraps, which results in slower burns and cleaner hits with each draw. These hemp wraps are designed to keep your preferred smoking product more secure, which produces a cleaner hit. Each wrap lasts longer than normal allowing users to savor every hit they take. Not only that but its slow-burning qualities make it perfect for both a drawn-out individual smoking session or a group smoking session with friends, wherein users can comfortably smoke without worrying about multiple rerolls.

3. Packaged with Care

Skunk Brand’s Terp-Enhanced Hemp Wraps come in a pack of two wraps. Each pack features a reusable zip pack, which keeps the wraps fresh for each use. If you are only looking to smoke one wrap a day, you will be able to safely store the other wrap without worrying about damaging the wrap or risk losing its flavor and crispness thanks to the zip pack seals that completely preserves its freshness. Once you are ready to smoke the second wrap, all you need to do is reopen the zip and enjoy with confidence that it will be just as fresh and smooth as the first one. Want to stock up? Skunk Brand also offers its terp-enhanced hemp wraps in a box of 25 packs.

4. Perfectly Toasted

For an exceptional smoking experience, Skunk Brand’s Terp-Enhanced Hemp Wraps are toasted to perfection. Each wrap is backed to a precise moisture level that results in the most satisfying and ideal crispness. You may have found some hemp wraps tend to give off a burnt flavor or are too dry and brittle for your liking, which could create adverse reactions and decrease your yearning to smoke. However, with Skunk Brand’s hemp wraps, you can smoke with confidence knowing every wrap will result in a consistently delicious and satisfying smoke. Because these hemp wraps are created with the utmost quality control and care, they are more reliable — not just in taste, but in their performance and function.

5. Enjoy a Variety of Flavors

Skunk Terp Hemp Wraps are available in a wide range of flavors including Cherry Pie, Grape Soda, Lemon Cake, and Mango Smoothie. Each roll contains high-quality flavor capsules that offer a delicious taste with every draw. Flavored rolls come with the same qualities as the classic hemp wraps and still burn slowly and smoothly but with a hint of flavor. Smokers can enjoy these delicate flavors all while maintaining the original taste of your preferred smoking product.

Key Takeaways

MatchBox Bros is proud to be an authorized seller of Skunk Brand products. Developed with no artificial fillers or additives, these amazingly flavored and perfectly toasted hemp wraps will satisfy all types of smokers and ensure that you get the most eco-friendly and easy-to-roll wrap every time. Shop our selection of Skunk Brand hemp wraps and more at MatchBox Bros today to find the best hemp wrap for your needs.

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