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7 Top Rated Hemp Wraps to Shop

by admin May 27 2021

Hemp wraps are popular alternatives to blunt wraps which contain nicotine and other chemicals found in tobacco. In order to take your smoking experience to the next level, choosing the right hemp wrap is essential. With such a wide selection of hemp wraps on the market, it can be hard to know where to start and figure out which brand is right for you and your lifestyle. To help you with your search, look no further! We’ve put together this helpful guide on the top 7 hemp wraps to shop right here at MatchBox Bros.

What are Hemp Wraps?

First of all, what exactly are they? Hemp wraps are flat paper sheets that are made out of hemp. Users of these organic wraps will usually roll either tobacco or legal blends to mimic a cigar. Hemp wraps can come as sheets or pre-rolled for extra convenience, and are great alternatives to traditional tobacco wraps because hemp wraps contain no nicotine or tar. Like the traditional blunt wraps, hemp wraps are thicker than normal rolling paper, allowing for a slower burn.

Hemp wraps are an organic alternative to blunt wraps. Many manufacturers of organic hemp wrap only use 100% organic hemp that is grown sustainably and without growth stimulants, pesticides, and fertilizers. Quality hemp wraps allow the user to experience a slow and lasting, satisfying burn, making for a pleasant smoking experience.

7 Top-Rated Hemp Wraps to Shop

1. KARMA (formerly sold as ZAGZ)


KARMA Hemp Wraps are made by Zig Zag which has been in the industry for well over 140 years. Throughout this time, Zig Zag has been a best seller for hemp rolling papers, wraps, and pre-rolled cones. Zagz Hemp Wrap has recently been rebranded as KARMA Hemp Wraps. As an alternative to traditional wraps, this slow-burning hemp wrap is known for its ability to create smooth draws and slow burns. Each pack contains two tobacco-free hemp wraps, and if bought in bulk, you can get twenty-five packs per box. Heighten your smoking experience with Zig Zag today by checking out their selection of products!

2. High Hemp

With a name like High Hemp, it’s no wonder they have become a leading manufacturer of nicotine- and tobacco-free hemp wraps that are all-natural and organic. Their most popular hemp wrap is the High Hemp Organic Wrap. These NON-GMO hemp wraps contain zero additives and are made from industrial hemp that is organically grown. Each pack features two wraps per pack, and if bought in bulk, you can get twenty-five packs per box. Discover their selection today.

3. Juicy Jay's

Juicy Jay’s is a widely known smoking brand that is popular with smokers all over the world. They are well known for their wraps, rolling papers, and pre-rolled cones. All their products are designed to enhance the natural flavor of your smoke. They have two very popular lines of hemp wraps: Juicy Hemp Wraps and Juicy Terp Enhanced Wraps. Manufactured with their famous triple-dip flavor system, each hemp wrap is sealed to be tight and compact to ensure freshness and high-quality. Each pack contains two wraps per pack, and if bought in bulk, you can get twenty-five packs per box. See their selection today for a smooth, flavorful, intense, yet safe smoke.

4. Kingpin


Kingpin 4X Hemp Wraps

Kingpin is the go-to brand for many hemp wrap users because of their innovative Perfect Fold™ and Sticky Lip™ inventions that make the wraps stick and roll better than that of other brands. This allows for a more efficient smoking experience. Their most popular hemp wrap is their Kingpin Hemp Wrap. What sets the Kingpin Hemp Wraps apart from others is that each pack comes with four hemp wraps instead of two. Learn more about their products here.

5. Cyclone

Cyclone prides itself on being the first-ever hemp cone brand to develop flavored, pre-rolled hemp wraps. They are well known for the unique and smooth burning characteristics of their pre-rolled hemp wraps. Made with a built-in filtered tip, each pre-rolled hemp wrap contains zero tobacco or additives and is packed with flavor. Every pack contains two pre-rolled cones, and if bought in bulk, you can stock up on twenty-five packs per box. Another great feature to highlight is each pre-roll comes individually wrapped and sealed for ultimate freshness. The Cyclone hemp wraps last about ten times longer than other wraps, making them the more cost-effective option. Check out their selection today.

6. Hemp Zone


Hemp Zone 5 for 1 Hemp Wraps

Hemp Zone has become a household name known for creating premium-quality hemp wraps that are made through a transparent process. Their hemp wrap products are made with organic hemp and equally organic terpenes. Users of these wraps also commend the brand for its slow-burning smoke that is smooth to the throat and mouth. Hemp Zone’s most popular product is their Hemp Zone Wraps. Compared to similar product offerings from other brands, the Hemp Zone Wrap is the most cost-effective for those trying not to break the bank. With this deal, you get five high-quality wraps per pack, for only one dollar! Discover their assortment of hemp wraps.

7. Good Times

Good Times was trademarked in 2005, and has been the fastest-growing cigar company in the United States. Over the years, they were constantly chosen as one of the top 5 best cigar companies in the nation. Despite being known for their flavored cigars, Good Times has also created hemp wraps that are free of tar and nicotine. Their most popular hemp wrap is the SuperHemp, made from gluten-free and GMO-free hemp. The SuperHemp comes in a variety of flavors with two wraps per pack and two filter tips. Check out their SuperHemp selection today.

Find the Best Hemp Wraps at MatchBox Bros!

With organic consumption being a trend for years and years, the momentum for hemp wraps is expected to only continue to increase for smokers due to their organic nature, slow burn, and smooth hit qualities. If you’re not already, it’s time to get on the hemp wrap train and enhance your smoking experience and it can all start here at MatchBox Bros. Shop now for a wide selection of hemp wraps!

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