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How to Choose Flavored Rolling Paper

by admin Nov 16 2020

With all these new smoking devices available, the tried and true method of rolling legal herb with paper is still sometimes the preferred method. But this doesn't mean that smoking rolled cannabis has to be the same boring experience it was decades ago. Today's smokers can choose rolling papers in a variety of flavors to switch things up and further enhance your experience. Let’s take a look at what flavored rolling papers are and how you can find the best brands in the market.

What are Flavored Rolling Papers?

The purpose of flavored rolling papers is to have flavoring on the wrappers that improve the taste of the legal herb within. Flavor rolling papers not only help to improve the taste of your preferred cannabis inside but also provides a bit of variety to your smoking sessions.

Most rolling papers have flavor only on the gum line, which limits the amount of flavor that comes into contact with your mouth. Some brands, however, put flavoring across the whole paper. With these rolling papers, the flavors will come through in the smoke as well, taking your smoking session to a whole new level.

Types of Flavored Rolling Paper

Rolling papers were all originally made from actual paper, which is wood pulp. Now, due to the popularity of rolling papers, there are now many more types of rolling papers on the market. Each of these new materials carries different flavor and burning characteristics that will make your smoke sessions unique.

  • Wood Pulp — This material was chosen many years ago for a reason. It is slightly thicker than other materials, making it more forgiving when rolling. They also hold their shape well and are resilient to varying weather conditions.
  • Hemp — Once industrial hemp became popular, the material became an obvious choice for rolling cannabis. These papers are thinner than wood pulp, but thicker than rice papers, putting them solidly in the medium category for ease of rolling. However, their slightly thinner nature makes them more susceptible to humidity and dampness than wood pulp.
  • Rice — Rice is the thinnest and most difficult paper to work with. The lack of thickness makes the material fragile and it can be hard to grip. This material is also even more susceptible to dampness than hemp is. But, on the bright side, rice burns slower than the other two materials and imparts less of its own flavor on the herb.

In addition to the material used, rolling papers also come in bleached or natural varieties, though the bleached option is most common in wood pulp papers. Bleach gives the product the characteristic white color that is traditionally associated with rolling papers. But many smokers prefer to avoid the use of chemicals, both out of health concerns and out of concerns for the environment.

The Best Flavored Rolling Paper Brands

There are many rolling paper brands out there and it can be difficult to choose one. The most popular brands among cannabis smokers looking for flavored papers are Juicy Jay's and Skunk.

  • Juicy Jay's — Unlike most flavored rolling papers, Juicy Jay's are fully flavored, which makes for a great burst of flavor with every hit, rather than just a constant taste limited to the gum line. The papers are made with an all-natural hemp material and printed with soy-based ink to keep everything free of artificial chemicals. Juicy Jay's also offers an astounding choice of flavors, with over 30 flavors to choose from. All of this adds up to a paper that smells great and tastes great, which is why the company has become a favorite in the flavored paper market.
  • Skunk — Skunk is one of the oldest brands of hemp papers in the marketplace making them a cult classic. Their flavored rolling papers are made with naturally sweet flavors, using their high-quality Original Papers. Their 6 flavors are developed with plant-based gum that is all-natural and vegan-friendly. Plus, all of Skunk’s flavored rolling papers contain a watermark that helps the company's signature hemp paper burn at just the right speed.

Flavored Rolling Paper Sizes

Not all flavored rolling papers are the same as they come in different sizes. Although there are several sizes available, here are the most popular sizes for flavored rolling papers we suggest you start with.

  • Single Wide — These are slightly smaller than cigarettes back in the day. It was once a popular size, but has since largely been surpassed by 1 1/4 papers.
  • 1 1/4 — This is now considered to be the standard size of rolling paper. It is roughly the same size as a traditional cigarette. It gets its name because it holds roughly 25% more herb than a single wide paper does.
  • King — These are longer and wider than 1 1/4 papers, for those who would like to enjoy a longer smoking session.

Why You Should Try Flavored Rolling Papers

Cannabis strains come in a wide variety of different flavor profiles on their own. Matching the right flavor with the strain you are smoking can help to complement and bring out those natural flavors so you can really appreciate your product. When you find the right combination for your taste buds, you'll likely find that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts when it comes to the taste of your smokes. Flavored papers are also a fun way to add some variety and spice up your smoking sessions.

Find Your Flavored Rolling Papers At MatchBox Bros!

When you are ready to add some flavor to your next smoke, check out the many flavored paper options we have available. When you are done selecting the perfect flavored rolling paper, browse the rest of our site to find quality essential smoking accessories for all your needs.

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