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Your Guide to Palm Leaf Wraps

by admin Jul 09 2021

King Palm is a palm pioneer for a tobacco-free alternative to traditional cigars. They strive to create a natural, sustainable smoking product that benefits both users and the environment. As such, they introduced an entire line of handmade palm leaf rolls made from organic, all-natural material. King Palm offers a wide array of rolls that are among the favorites in the market using biodegradable Cordia tree leaves with purified water - free of additives and chemicals. With this in mind, we have put together a guide on King Palm products and why consumers enjoy them.

What are Palm Leaf Rolls?

Before we get into King Palm products, it is essential to know what palm leaf rolls are and their origins. Palm leaf rolls are believed to be the oldest known way of smoking. The history of this practice takes us back to the Mayan Civilization in the 10th century and its popularity spread worldwide. Fast forward to the next millennium, the industry began to shift to tobacco-rich products instead of all-natural products.

King Palm brings back the moment in which people enjoyed the purest quality rolls that our ancestors have enjoyed for centuries. By reintroducing palm leaf rolls to the smoking industry, King Palm was able to embrace the all-natural smoking experience. Their products burn slowly and evenly throughout offering a much better experience than regular cigar papers do. Additionally, since all ingredients are natural, users can smoke knowing that they are not getting anything other than natural elements in combustion.

King Palm Products

King Palm offers a wide assortment of pre-rolled palm leaf rolls made from organic Cordia leaves that elevate your smoking experience due to its slow burn and smoothness with each hit. These rolls come in several different sizes and flavors so you know it will suit anyone’s smoking preferences. All products feature a humidity pack and a resealable back for optimum freshness. Additionally, all rolls come with an organic corn husk filter that provides smoother draws and cooler hits for ultimate enjoyment.

  • King rolls: These rolls can hold up to 2 grams of your favorite legal herb. They are ideal for enjoying a group smoking session with friends or a long individual smoke. King Palm King rolls come in packs of 1 for $4.5, 5 for $6, or in bulk for up to $75.
  • Slim rolls: These rolls can hold up to 1.5 grams of your favorite legal herb and are ideal for a personal smoking session. Slim rolls come in packs of 1 for $2.49 and 5 for $6.
  • Mini rolls: These rolls can hold about a gram of your legal herb of choice. They are great for a quick, on-the-go smoking session, making it a great option for both beginner and experienced smokers. Mini rolls come in packs of 1 for $1.99, 5 for $5, 25 for $20, and can come in a range of flavors
  • Flavored rolls: King Palm flavored rolls come in the mini roll size. Each flavored roll contains a high-quality, terpene-filled flavor capsule that provides a delicious and cooling taste and sensation with every hit. Enjoy the flavors of Berry Terp, Fruit Passion, Margarita, Banana Cream, Watermelon Wave, and Magic Mint when you shop the King Palm Flavored Rolls. King Palm recently released a new Limited Edition Irish Cream mini roll that is handcrafted with slow burning qualities. Enjoy a flavor palette of creamy chocolate and smooth vanilla. In addition to the newly released Irish Cream, Lemon Haze is another new flavor you can add to your rotation that offers a unique smoke with delicate lemon tones for a refreshing kick.


Each smoker has their own smoking environment and preference. Thus, the size and flavor of your palm leaf rolls will depend on them. Pick the product you feel most comfortable smoking, light up, kick back, and enjoy!

Benefits of Using King Palm Rolls

King Palm is not one of the leading palm leaf roll brands for no reason. Their product’s combination of natural elements with no artificial add-ons gives you a perfect smoking experience. King Palm's minimalist approach goes the extra mile to keep their products 100% natural rather than about offering something extra. In other words, with King Palm rolls less is definitely more. Here are 5 benefits of King Palm rolls:

  • Non-GMO: King Palm rolls are proudly sourced in South East Asia where Cordia trees are naturally grown. The farming for the trees doesn't involve any GMO practices and leaves are hand-picked, so no disrupting machinery is used to harm the environment.
  • No glue, tobacco, or additives: Just like a thousand years ago, King Palm rolls are handmade utilizing ancient techniques leaving tobacco, glue, additives, and chemicals out of the equation.
  • High-quality burn: These all-natural palm leaves produce a clean, slow burn and smooth hit with each draw because they do not contain any toxic ingredients.
  • Corn Husk filters: King Palm designed corn husk filters that come with every product offering. These filters contain zero additives and artificial chemicals, which contributes to the smooth, uninterrupted airflow hit after hit.
  • Environmentally friendly: Every King Palm roll that leaves the factory is entirely biodegradable, making your carbon footprint as small as it can possibly be. This allows for the most eco-friendly and rewarding smoke possible.


MatchBox Bros is proud to be an authorized seller of King Palm products. King Palm rolls are not only a tasty way to enjoy your favorite smoking herbs, but also the most eco-friendly. Shop our selection of King Palm leaf wraps at MatchBox Bros today to find the best palm leaf wrap rolls suited for your needs.

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