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Rolling Papers vs. Hemp Wraps: Which One is Right for You?

by MATCHBOX BROS Jun 14 2023

If you're an avid smoker, you know the importance of finding the correct rolling papers or wraps. When it comes to cannabis consumption, the rolling paper or wrap you choose can significantly impact the flavor, aroma, and smoke quality. This blog post will compare the benefits and drawbacks of rolling paper and hemp wraps.

What are Rolling Papers and Hemp Wraps?

Rolling papers are thin sheets often made from rice, hemp, wood pulp, and flax. These papers come in different sizes and are designed to burn evenly and slowly, allowing you to enjoy your smoke fully. Some brands offer flavored papers, while others focus on unflavored ones. Rolling papers are widely used for smoking cannabis and can be easily found in smoke shops or online stores.

On the other hand, hemp wraps are thicker than rolling papers and burn slower. Hemp wraps are made from hemp fibers and often offer a flavored alternative to regular tobacco wraps. They're particularly popular with people who want to avoid tobacco products. Hemp wraps also come in different flavors and sizes, allowing you to choose the one that suits your taste and needs.

Benefits of Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are the go-to option for most smokers and for good reasons. Some benefits of using rolling papers include:

  1. They are easily accessible in smoke shops and convenience stores, making them the most convenient choice for smokers.
  2. They are an excellent option for frequent smokers as they are affordable and relatively inexpensive.
  3. They are thinner and burn less material allowing you to enjoy the full flavor of your legal herbs.
  4. They are lightweight and easy to carry around, making them ideal for travelers.

Benefits of Hemp Wraps

Hemp wraps have gained popularity among smokers in recent years. Some benefits of using hemp wraps include:

  1. They are tobacco free and an excellent option for people who enjoy smoking but want to avoid tobacco use.
  2. They come in various flavors, including strawberry, grape, and mango, among others.
  3. They have a slow burn rate, providing a more extended smoking experience for sharing with others.
  4. They are thicker and easy to roll, even for beginners, making them an excellent option for new smokers.

Drawbacks of Rolling Papers

While rolling papers offer several benefits, they also come with some drawbacks. The most notable ones include:

  1. They are thin, making them less durable than hemp wraps.
  2. They can tear easily, making them difficult to use, especially for beginners.
  3. They burn quicker compared to hemp wraps.
  4. There are fewer flavor options available. Some brands offer flavored rolling papers, but most focus on unflavored options, limiting their flavor offering.

Drawbacks of Hemp Wraps

Hemp wraps have their drawbacks, too, including:

  1. They come in larger packaging than rolling papers, making them less discreet.
  2. They are thicker and larger compared to rolling papers. When rolling a blunt, more herbal blend is typically used.
  3. They can dry out and become brittle if not stored properly.
  4. They can be costly. Hemp wraps are generally more expensive than rolling papers.

Tips for Choosing the Right One

Choosing the correct rolling papers or hemp wraps depends on several factors, including your smoking preferences, budget, and smoking device. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

  1. Consider the flavor: Hemp wraps are an excellent option if you prefer flavored smoke.
  2. Consider the burn time: Hemp wraps are an excellent choice if you prefer an extended smoke session.
  3. Consider the size: Choose the size that fits your smoking method and needs.
  4. Consider the price: Rolling papers typically include 25-50 sheets per pack, while hemp wraps usually come with only 2-5 wraps per pack.
  5. Consider the material: Rolling papers are the way to go if you want a pure taste. However, hemp wraps are an excellent choice if you love smoking, but want to avoid tobacco consumption.


Ultimately, deciding which rolling paper or hemp wrap to choose depends on many factors. It is essential to consider all aspects such as flavor, burn time, size, and the material that you want to use. It is also essential to factor in price, as rolling papers usually come in larger packs than hemp wraps. Hopefully, these tips have provided a better understanding of which one is right for you. Have fun experimenting with different brands and flavors from MatchBox Bros.

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