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Top 3 RAW Spooky & Dark Smoking Accessories

by MATCHBOX BROS Sep 20 2023

It’s almost October, which means when the witchy smoking vibes roll in - it’s time to get in the Halloween spirit. And what better way to add a touch of spookiness to your smoking experience than with some spooky and dark themed smoking accessories? 

Here are the top three Halloween smoking accessories that MatchBox Bros recommends:

1. RAW Zombie Rolling Tray

A wonder from the mad scientists at RAW - the zombie themed smoking accessory is an unearthly and completely spine-tingling rolling tray!

With it’s creepy undead green hand pushing out of a grave and holding some of the best rolling papers out there, it’s a fun addition to add to your smoking toolbox. 

Measuring almost a foot, this not-so-little metal tray is big enough to carry all of your smoking necessities, guaranteeing that your session is nothing short of spectacular and spooky.

Plus, can you blame him? It's completely relatable, because who wouldn't return from the grave for one last session with RAW?

For more funky rolling trays, check out the RAW Artists series.

RAW Zombie Rolling Tray

2. RAW Murder'd Rolling Tray

Sophistication and eeriness come together in this Murder'd Tray by RAW. If Morticia Addams (or James Bond) were to design smoking accessories, the rolling tray would look something like this. 

With a matte, deep black rolling surface, exuding a sense of mystery, danger, and intrigue - it should be a staple for everybody's smoking accessories.

RAW Murder'd Rolling Tray

3. RAW 2-Way Hemp Plastic Roller

While not directly Halloween-themed, this roller does match the dark and spooky Halloween feel. The RAW 2-Way Hemp Plastic Roller is a must-have for any smoker. Featuring a double-thick, highly tensile vinyl, it is solidly built to endure any rolling session. Designed for people who want their rolls to be smooth, aesthetic, and effective, you can easily switch between normal and wide rolls with the adjustable switch.

RAW 2-Way Hemp Plastic Roller

Where to Shop

For all RAW lovers out there, there's good news. As an authorized RAW distributor, offers a vast selection of designs, helping you find the perfect rolling tray  and smoking accessories for any occasion. Known for their iconic designs and unbeatable durability, RAW trays are the gold standard in smoking accessories.

Why wait? Explore the RAW universe to up your smoking game!

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