Elements King Size Ultra Thin Rice Paper

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Elements Kingsize Ultra Thin Rice Paper (Wide) is the perfect choice for smokers looking to roll big, flavorful smokes. These ultra thin papers are made from pure rice and pressed incredibly thin to provide an even burning experience every time. Elements Rolling Papers also feature a proprietary crisscross watermark design that helps prevent runs and make rolling easier than ever, while leaving behind only a tiny line of ash caused by the sugar gum turning into caramel as it burns! Get ready to indulge in huge clouds of smooth smoke with Elements Kingsize Ultra Thin Rice Paper (Wide). Each pack contains 33 sheets that measure 110mm x 55mm so you can enjoy massive puffs with each pull. With 50 packs in each box, you'll never run out of Elements rolling papers! Get ready to experience the perfect smoke with Elements Kingsize Ultra Thin Rice Paper (Wide). Enjoy!

  • Size: Kingsize (Wide)
  • Dimensions: 110mm x 55mm
  • 33 Sheets/Pack
  • 50 Packs/Box

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