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  • Cryo Inline Perc Water Pipe

    Cryo Inline Perc Water Pipe

    This 14 inch Inline Perc Water Pipe combines the cooling features of the Cryo Glycerine Coil and the filtering properties of the inline perc to provide a cool and smooth smoke from your favorite legal herb.   Specifications Height: 14...

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  • Eyce Peak Attachment Flower Purple Eyce Peak Attachment Black

    Eyce Peak Attachment

    The team at Eyce have partnered up with the Puffco crew to bring you the Eyce Peak Attachment made just for your Puffco Peak™.  The Eyce Peak Attachment gives you the flexibility to take your Puffco Peak on the go without the danger of...

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  • EYCE Sidecar

    The Eyce Sidecar is the perfect dab rig for those who are always on the go.  This dab rig is made of silicone and includes a high end 14mm quartz bucket.  It also has a built in concentrate container and carb cap making this dab rig truly all...

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  • EYCE Silicone Beaker

    EYCE Silicone Beaker

    The Eyce Silicone Beaker is a BPA free beaker bong made from food grade silicone.  The pipe measures approximately 12.5 inches in height and has a base diameter of 5 inches.  The base of the Pipe is removable, revealing a hidden container for...

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  • Micro NC w/ Titanium Tip Micro NC w/ Quartz Tip

    Micro Nectar Collector Kit 10mm

    Micro Nectar Collector 10mm 5 Part Kit contains a detachable mouthpiece, water chamber,  titanium tip, quartz tip, and a glass dish.  When assembled, the nectar collector runs approximately 8.5" with the quartz tip and 7.5" with the Titanium...

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  • MouthPeace by Moose Labs Starter Kit in Glow in the dark Green MouthPeace by Moose Labs Starter Kit in Glow in the dark Blue

    Moose Labs Mouthpeace Starter Kit

    MouthPeace is an innovative product that makes smoking from a water pipe Germ free.  When sharing a pipe with others, the MouthPeace will act as a barrier between your lips and the pipe, protecting you from germs and providing you a peace of mind...

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  • MouthPeace Filter Rolls - 10pc

    Moose Labs MouthPeace Filters use the antibacterial properties of activated carbon to absorb resins, toxins, and tar to enhance the flavor of your smoke.  These Triple-layer filters are specially designed so that they won't reduce airflow or block...

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  • Piece Water 12fl oz

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Piece Water™ is 100% All Natural Mineral, Vegetable, and Fruit extract blend developed to prevent resin from forming on your favorite Glass or Pipe. Just add Piece Water ™ to a clean Glass or Pipe and your piece will...

    $10.00 - $25.00
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    Pipe Screen

    Steel Pipe Screen  100 Pack Display 5 screens per pack Available in Brass or Stainless Steel

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  • Recycler Rig Pipe Anodized in Silver

    Recycler Rig 9.5inch Anodized - Silver

    Take your dabbing experience to the next level with a Recycler Rig.  This Recycler Rig stands 9.5" tall and is nearly clear with an anodized finish in silver.  A great looking rig that will cool down your hit while providing a smooth draw.

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    Zen Bristle Pipe Cleaner

    Get into those hard-to-reach places with Zen® Pipe Cleaners! These pipe cleaners are tough yet flexible, with tiny bristles that help scrub away tough resin from hard-to-reach places. Available in Soft or Bristle

    $1.50 - $45.00
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