RAW Classic Mini Cones 30/10 (3/Pack)

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Introducing RAW Classic Mini Cones 30/10 (3/Pack)

The perfect choice for those who prefer a quick smoke session or enjoy the stronger stuff. As the name suggests, these mini cones measure 30mm, with a paper tip measuring 10mm. This leaves approximately 20mm of fillable space, providing just the right amount for a satisfying smoke. Made with RAW Classic Papers, these mini cones offer the same high-quality material that RAW is known for.

Benefits of RAW Classic Papers:

  • Unbleached and Natural: RAW Classic Papers are made from unrefined, natural fibers, providing a clean and pure smoking experience.
  • Slow Burning: Designed for a slow and even burn, RAW Classic Papers allow smokers to fully enjoy the flavor of their herbs without any added harshness.

Benefits of Pre-Rolled Cones:

  • Convenience: Pre-rolled cones like RAW Classic Mini Cones 30/10 make the prep work simple, allowing smokers to skip the rolling process and enjoy their herbs with ease.
  • Consistency: Pre-rolled cones ensure consistency in size and shape, resulting in a consistently smooth smoking experience.

Usage Tips for Pre-Rolled Cones:

  • Pack Lightly: To ensure an even burn, pack your pre-rolled cone lightly with your preferred smoking material. Overpacking can lead to uneven burning and a less enjoyable smoke.
  • Twist the Tip: After filling your pre-rolled cone, twist the tip to seal it shut. This will prevent any loose material from falling out and ensure a clean smoke.

Product Specifications:

  • Size: Mini Cones (30/10)
  • 3 cones per pack
  • 24 packs per box

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RAW Classic Mini Cones 30/10 (3/Pack)

RAW Classic Mini Cones 30/10 (3/Pack)


RAW Classic Mini Cones 30/10 (3/Pack)


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
walker B.

Just what I needed!

Great deal!

Great deal for what you get, love them and will keep buying them!

Ted N.
Great products at great prices

My go to cone. Best to grow your own and fill your own cones. Good prices and free shipping over $25? Finally some competition for Amazon! Also amazon will no longer ship cones or papers in my state.

Matthew J.
Genuine Product

Matchboxbros has the real deal at a very fair price. I have had problems with counterfeit or repack Raw cones from other vendors.

Challenge Cone

It is perfect, I sent my friends the link it’s the cheapest as well!