RAW Classic Pre Rolled Cones Single Size 70/30 (20/Pack)

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Experience convenience and quality with RAW Classic Pre Rolled Cones Single Size 70/30 (20/Pack). Crafted for those seeking simplicity without compromising on satisfaction, these pre-rolled cones redefine your smoking ritual.

Designed as single size cones, they're shorter than the standard 1 1/4 size, perfect for a quick session whenever the mood strikes. Made with RAW Classic Papers, these cones boast unbleached hemp fibers, ensuring a clean and pure smoking experience free from any additives or unwanted chemicals like chlorine, burn additives, chalk, or dye.

With 20 cones per pack, you'll have an ample supply at your disposal. No more tedious rolling – each cone is meticulously crafted for uniformity, guaranteeing a seamless smoking experience every time. Simply pack and indulge in the unmatched satisfaction of RAW Classic Pre Rolled Cones.

Pre Rolled Cones Usage Tips:

  1. Distribute Evenly: Ensure your smoking material is evenly distributed for consistent burning and draws.
  2. Pack Firmly, but with Care: Gently pack the cone to avoid restricting airflow.
  3. Secure with a Twist: Twist the open end to secure the contents and prevent spillage.
  4. Light with Precision: Light evenly across the top while rotating for a perfectly even burn.
  5. Savor Slowly: Enjoy a smooth experience with slow, steady draws to fully appreciate the rich flavor and aroma.

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 70/30
  • 20 cones per pack
  • 12 packs per box

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    Size: Single
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    raw classic pre rolled cones single size 70 30 20 pack

    RAW Classic Pre Rolled Cones Single Size 70/30 (20/Pack)


    RAW Classic Pre Rolled Cones Single Size 70/30 (20/Pack)

    Size: Single



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    walker B.

    Just what I needed!

    Great deal!

    Great deal for what you get, love them and will keep buying them!

    Ted N.
    Great products at great prices

    My go to cone. Best to grow your own and fill your own cones. Good prices and free shipping over $25? Finally some competition for Amazon! Also amazon will no longer ship cones or papers in my state.

    Matthew J.
    Genuine Product

    Matchboxbros has the real deal at a very fair price. I have had problems with counterfeit or repack Raw cones from other vendors.

    Challenge Cone

    It is perfect, I sent my friends the link it’s the cheapest as well!