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Perfectly Smooth Rolling:
Crafted with the same quality and attention to detail as RAW Original Rolling Tips, RAW Wide Perforated Tips offer an enhanced smoking experience. These wider tips provide increased airflow, resulting in smoother and cooler smoke inhalation compared to standard tips.

Increased Airflow and Cooling:
Measuring 58mm x 25mm, RAW Wide Perforated Tips feature a wider design that allows for enhanced airflow, reducing harshness and irritation during smoking sessions. The larger surface area helps minimize resin build-up, ensuring consistent. Additionally, the extra width of the tips will keep the burning end a little further away from your mouth, contributing to a cooler and smoother inhale.

Customizable Size and Shape:
With more space to customize the size and shape of the tip, RAW Wide Perforated Tips provide greater control over airflow, density, and draw resistance. Tailor your smoking experience to your preferences with ease.

Stable and Rigid Mouthpiece:
Functioning as a stable and rigid mouthpiece, RAW Wide Perforated Tips provide added stability during smoking, preventing collapse or deformation.

Prevent Scooby Snacks:
Say goodbye to inhaling small pieces of legal herbs, commonly known as "Scooby Snacks." RAW Wide Perforated Tips act as a barrier, preventing bits of material from reaching the throat and ensuring a smooth and enjoyable smoke from start to finish.

Sturdy Base for Rolling:
Enjoy a firm base for rolling joints with RAW Wide Perforated Tips. Their sturdy construction makes shaping and rolling evenly a breeze, allowing you to craft perfectly rolled smokes with ease.

Usage Tip:
Start by folding one end of the rolling tip accordion-style, creating a series of small folds. This will provide structure and stability to the tip and prevent loose tobacco or herbs from escaping.

Experience the difference with RAW Wide Perforated Tips. Elevate your smoking ritual with increased airflow, smoother smoke, and greater customization options. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or new to the experience, RAW Wide Perforated Tips offer a convenient and enjoyable way to indulge in your favorite herbs.

  • Dimensions: 58mm x 25mm
  • 50 Tips/Pack
  • 50 Packs/Box

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raw wide perforated tips

RAW Wide Perforated Tips


RAW Wide Perforated Tips

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
LOVE ❤️ These!

This style of tip is wide and easy to use with the perforated lines for guidance. Great for anyone with long nails. I use these tips in a rolling machine 110mm or cone master with the Organic Raw Black papers. Excellent combination with high quality results to enhance your experience. Highly recommended

Raw wide tips

These are thin, but get the job done with no issue. The perforation is nice but not necessary.

Lone w.
Raw Wide

Good tips. Perforated for easy bends, longer than the standard tips. For the 1 1/4" like .5 g maybe vs .7 g for the normal prerolls. It depends on your rolling skills and desires. For me these shine in King size and supreme ;) but are a pleasure all around. I want to see how the Black label ones will compare.