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Shop our collection of Vaporizers & Parts from popular brands like Huni Badger, Gpen by Grenco Science, Puffco Peak, and PAX.


    Nectar Collector HoneyBird Core Kit

    The Honeybird Core Kit by Nectar Collector is the ideal water filtration attachment for your Huni Badger Vertical Vaporizer. It is crafted from durable borosilicate glass, is easy to use, and easy to clean. The included HBNC (Huni Badger to Nectar...

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  • HUNI BADGER HIGH TEMP TIP Huni Badger Tip 03

    Huni Badger Ceramic HuniTip

    The High Temp HuniTip provides fast heat up time and produces an immense amount of vapor that many people find enjoyable.  It can melt and vaporize most extracts, regardless of the consistency. The Low Temp HuniTip amplifies the flavor of your...

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    Huni Badger Vertical Vaporizer Kit

    The HUNI BADGER’s portable design makes it easy for you to vaporize your favorite herbal extracts anytime, anywhere. It is powered by a single rechargeable 18650 Lithium-Ion battery paired with a one-button control: Press 5 times to turn on and the...

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    CELLKING 3016MAH 40.3A MAX 18650 Battery Cell - 2 Pack

    The Huni Badger is designed to operate on replaceable batteries so you don't have to wait for the unit to recharge, which can sometimes take hours for the 18650 high capacity batteries. This all new CELLKING 40A 18650 battery delivers maximum performance...

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  • Huni Badger Nectar Collector Huniguide Bubbler

    Nectar Collector HuniGuide Bubbler

    Nectar Collector® Huniguide Glass Bubbler Attachment for the Huni Badger  Nectar Collector® is a master creator in next generation glass vaporizers that offer unparalleled ease of use and portability. The Nectar Collector Huniguide...

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  • Puffco Peak Ryan Fitt Recycler Glass

    Featuring a fluted inner-funnel and external intake tubes - The Recycler Glass provides greater water volume and improved filtration giving you a bigger, cooler, and more consistent hit. From sketching, prototyping, to production, Ryan worked side by...

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  • Badger Bullet Bubbler by 710SciGlass

    Badger Bullet Bubbler by 710SciGlass

    The Badger Bullet by 710SciGlass is a borosilicate glass bubbler attachment that features a straight, spill resistant design. Crafted with portability in mind, the Badger Bullet slides onto the Huni Badger with a 14mm adapter and keeps your hits water...

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  • G Pen Nova base G Pen Nova contents

    G Pen Nova

    What Comes With the G Pen Nova 1 G PEN NOVA BATTERY (510 THREAD COMPATIBLE) 1 G PEN NOVA TANK 1 USB CHARGING CABLE Dual Use The Nova features a full-ceramic atomizer that generate complete and balanced heat through a patented reverse airflow and...

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  • G Pen Dash Vaporizer

    G Pen Dash (Dry)

    The G Pen Dash is the perfect vaporizer to have for smokers who are alway on the go.  This vaporizer is built with an aluminum body making it light enough to carry around, and yet it is strong enough to provide a high quality performance. It...

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  • Puffco Peak Travel Bag

    Puffco Peak Travel Bag features a Peak Pocket designed specifically for your Puffco Peak Vaporizer.  It also has a Jar Holder, Cash & Card Stash Pocket, and a Side Pocket for a Puffco Plus.  The bag can be adjusted to be carried as a Cross...

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    G Pen Roam G Pen Roam water filtration

    G Pen Roam by Grenco Science (Concentrate)

    The G Pen Roam is an all in one electronic dab rig that is designed to provide water-filtered concentrate vaporization on the go.  The vaporizer features a water filtration system that is self contained in a spill-proof borosilicate glass hydrotube,...

    Was: $225.00
    Now: $200.00
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  • PAX 3 Dual Use Vaporizer (Complete Kit) Black PAX 3 Dual Use Vaporizer (Complete Kit) Black

    PAX 3 Dual Use Vaporizer (Complete Kit)

    The ultimate portable cannabis vaporizer for dry herb and extracts. The PAX 3 is powerful yet discreet, smart yet easy-to-use. PAX engineering and technology gets the best out of your flower. The PAX conduction oven heats your cannabis flower...

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  • GPen Connect GPen Connect 02

    G Pen Connect (Concentrate)

    The G Pen Connect is a revolutionary alternative to conventional concentrate consumption that heats to temperature within five seconds of activation to deliver high-density, quality vapor production without the hassle of a torch and exposed nail. ...

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  • Huni Badger Nectar Collector Honeybird Deluxe Bubbler

    Nectar Collector HoneyBird Deluxe Bubbler

    Nectar Collector® is a master creator in next generation glass vaporizers that offer unparalleled ease of use and portability. The Nectar Collector HoneyBird Delux is a spill-proof water filtration attachment that works well with the Huni Badger...

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