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5 Essential Smoking Accessories

by admin Aug 13 2020

If you are a smoker, you want to do it right. To get the most out of your smoking experience, you are going to need the right set of tools at your disposal. Whether you are a tobacco, marijuana, or hemp smoker, there is a particular set of smoking accessories everybody should consider trying, regardless of their individual smoking preference.

Here we outline the essential cigarette smoking accessories for both tobacco smokers and other herb smokers of the like. Whether you’re a traditional smoker or partake in the burning bush every now and again, this helpful guide is here to serve you! Here are  5 essential smoking accessories all smokers should consider:


When you talk about an essential smoking accessory, the first to come to mind for many is a grinder. It is a necessity that you should always have around. Grinders allow you to effortlessly cut up tobacco, as well as other herbs and smoking plants, without getting your hands grimy or sticky in the process. You can grind the product down to your desired fineness to ensure the best personal smoking experience. Pro tip: it is best to get a grinder with a kief catcher, so any extra-fine material is promptly bestowed in the catcher and can be collected for later use. If you currently do not have a grinder, we highly recommend getting your hands on one.

Rolling Machine

Let's face it, rolling can be difficult. However, rolling the perfect stogie or joint does not have to be a hassle. If you are someone who struggles with the art of rolling, rolling machines are an essential smoking accessory that enables you to pack the perfect cigarette every time. We highly recommend RAW because they offer  inexpensive rolling products that generate uniform, pristine stogies. And do not be worried about the stigma of using rolling machines, a full range of smokers utilize rolling products to roll the perfect joint or cigarette, from beginners to pros.

Rolling Paper and Filter Tips

Now, it is impossible to roll anything without the proper rolling papers. However, nothing is worse than rolling the perfect cigarette and realizing you do not have any filtered tips. Filtered tips not only help hold the material together but also provide better airflow. If you are someone who likes to roll things yourself, you should always make sure you are keeping enough filtered tips and papers on hand. Likewise, it is best to choose natural rolling materials for the best smoke. Rolling papers and filtered tips only scratch the surface when it comes to rolling – be sure to check out our post for more rolling paper accessories.

Storage Container

Every smoker needs to have somewhere to store their stash. High-quality herb can be expensive and if you are not storing it appropriately, you run the risk of it drying out, getting moldy, or losing its smell, taste, and even potency. If you do not want your smoking product to go to waste, consider investing in a storage container that can adequately protect your stash.

There are a ton of storage container products for tobacco, marijuana, and the like – there are even storage containers with humidity control systems to simulate the perfect storing environment. However, you do not need a high-tech storage system to preserve your product. Ideally, all you need is a storage container with a lid and to remember to store your tobacco at a cool temperature and out of direct sunlight. However, if you want something more upscale, there are storage containers for any price range and smoking preference.

Storage Container

Odor-Proof Bag

Now that you have a storage container, you may also want to consider an odor-proof bag. There is no doubt a storage container can also act as an odor blocker. However, sometimes additional odor protection is required. Odor-proof bags are generally geared towards cannabis smoking, but tobacco and hemp also have pungent smells, so they are also great accessories for CBD and tobacco smokers to consider. Thanks to the growing legalization of marijuana, there are a ton of high-end products designed to block the smell of smoking products as well as more affordable options.

MatchBox Bros Can Help With All Your Smoking Accessory Needs

At MatchBox Bros, we like to think of ourselves as smoking connaisseurs who are here to help you achieve the best smoking experience. We have the best catalog of smoking accessories that include tobacco smoking products and other smoking accessories. No matter the type of smoker or your preferred method of smoking, we offer a wide variety of products to keep every smoker happy.

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