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MatchBox Bros Rolling Papers and Smoking Accessories

by admin Jul 24 2020

An authorized distributor of many premium brands, MatchBox Bros is an online smoke shop specializing in rolling papers and top-quality smoking accessories. Because we purchase directly from manufacturers like the makers of RAW Products, we are able to offer the best prices around. We also guarantee the authenticity of everything we sell.

Our products are made from natural, responsibly-sourced ingredients focused on your smoking enjoyment. We carry brands like RAW, OCB, ZigZag, Pure Hemp, Juicy Jay’s, Elements, and Bugler. Whether you are looking for a specific brand or want to branch out and try something new, MatchBox Bros can accommodate all your smoking wants and needs.

Rolling Paper & Pre-rolled Cones

If you take your pleasures seriously, you know that rolling your own smokes is the way to go. Controlling the amount of rolling material and tightness of the roll is as much of a joy as it is an art form. Rolling papers come in 1 1/4", 1 1/2", Kingsize Slim, and Wide. For the adventurous, even 12” and 24” papers are available.

For those who don't feel confident in their rolling abilities, pre-rolled cones are the next best thing. Each cone contains a tip and rolling paper. All you have to do is grind, fill, and pack. This is the perfect solution for those who smoke often and those who just want an easier way to roll. 

Hemp Wraps

A great alternative to traditional blunt wraps, hemp wraps contain none of the nicotine and all of the enjoyment. Hemp wraps use 100% organic hemp without the need for questionable fertilizers, pesticides, and growth stimulants. Thicker than conventional rolling papers, they tend to burn a lot slower and smoother. Our extensive collection of hemp wraps come in a wide variety of flavors to enhance your smoking experience.

Rollers & Injectors

Rollers are a tremendous aid in rolling your own smokes. Simply insert your product and roll the machine to pack it all in. Insert your paper, roll it one last time, and last but not least, enjoy your very own perfectly rolled joint or cigarette. Our rollers are available in 70mm, 79mm, 110mm, and 120mm.

Injectors are easy to use cigarette-making machines. Fill the hopper with your favorite rolling material and inject. Out comes a cigarette, perfectly rolled for your smoking pleasure.

Hookah Supplies & Accessories

Deeply rooted in cultural tradition, Hookah pipes have been used since the 16th century. Water in the base cools the smoke down for a smooth and satisfying experience. In addition to Hookah pipes, we also sell Hookah parts like shisha bowls and mouth tips, and electric and flame charcoal burners. Our collection of hookah pipes and accessories are from trusted brands such as Amira, BYO, Fumari, Coco Flame, and Golden Desert.

Smoke Shop Accessories

MatchBox Bros carries a wide range of smoking accessories to keep your smoking supplies well-stocked. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more extensive inventory anywhere. Find grinders from RAW; ashtrays by Elements; and storage boxes from Juicy Jay's.

We have humidity control from Boveda, weighing scales from MyWeigh, and a variety of lighters and torches from Clipper Lighter. We even have hemp wicks by RAW and I-TAL for those who prefer a natural way to light rolling papers.

Shop at MatchBox Bros

MatchBox Bros is your online smoke shop and authorized distributor of many premium brands. For your smoking pleasure, find these and more authentic smoking supplies at MatchBox Bros

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