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A Helpful Guide to Cannabis Grinders

by admin Feb 01 2021

A quality grinder goes a long way in making cannabis consumption easier and more efficient. Less time prepping means more time to enjoy a quality sesh. A consistent grind helps provide a consistent burn. It also keeps your finger from getting sticky and ready to roll, pack, and ignite.

What is a Grinder?

A grinder is a practical and straightforward tool used to grind your legal herb down to a finer consistency so you can incorporate the pieces into a roll or a bowl more easily.

Most grinders are made up of multiple layers – a cap that locks in place, a grinding chamber where you place your legal herb, a top compartment that collects the ground product, and a bottom chamber that collects the loose trichomes aka kief.

How to Use a Grinder

Step 1: Remove the top cap and place the flower in the grinding chamber. If you have a larger flower, break it up into smaller pieces. Tip: Try not to overfill the chamber.

Step 2: Place the cap on the grinder and rotate it several times until all the product has fallen through the holes.

Step 3: Unscrew the top chamber of the grinder and remove your freshly ground herbs. Load it into your rolling paper or pack into a bowl and enjoy!

Step 4 (optional): Remove the lower chamber containing the highly concentrated product and use the scraping tool provided or a piece of paper to scrape off the kief and save it for your next sesh.

Why Use a Grinder?

Grinding your legal herbs before smoking makes your overall smoking experience much easier and convenient – from start to finish. Here are a handful of reasons why adding a grinder to your list of essential smoking accessories is a great move.

  • Ground product burns better: Since more surface area is exposed to the flame, ground products burn more evenly and consistently, and as a result, it produces a less harsh and cleaner hit. Finely ground product also allows for an easier and tighter roll, resulting in a slower burn so you can enjoy a longer smoking session.
  • Saves valuable time: Breaking up your legal herb by hand is not only very labor intensive, but time consuming. A grinder speeds up the process allowing you to grind even the stickiest product in minutes.
  • More potent smokes: Most of your legal herb's potency comes from trichomes, the tiny crystalline and hair-like structures that give it that frosty look. They're highly potent but tend to stick on your fingers when handling your legal herb, which takes away the potency of your flower. Using a grinder will keep your legal herb intact, ensuring to maintain its potency for stronger hits.
  • Better tasting product: Vaping or smoking ground product allows the natural flavors of its flavor profile to pop.
  • Storage and portability: Grinders offer a convenient way to store and carry your legal herb or tobacco. The best grinders typically come with a magnetic lid that ensures your product doesn't spill especially when on the go.

Types of Grinders

Grinders come in different sizes, shapes, prices, and functionalities. Metal grinders are the most durable out of all grinders because of its sturdy material. Wooden grinders have a rustic aesthetic but need more maintenance. Plastic grinders are the cheapest quality-wise, but they are resilient and get the job done. The perfect grinder for you depends on your smoking preference and your budget. 

1) 2-Piece

2-piece grinders have the most simple and straightforward design. They consist of two pieces that close together to form one grinder unit. One compartment is for grinding and storing. The inside of each piece is layered with sharp teeth designed to shred your legal herb or tobacco. These grinders are best suited for entry-level smokers who want a quick and easy shred. Despite their simple design, they're highly efficient, making your grinding experience way more effortless.

2) 3-Piece Grinders

3-piece grinders are practical and easy to use. They have two compartments, one for grinding and one for catching the finer parts of your legal herb or tobacco. Compared to 2-piece grinders, the 3-piece grinder provides a more refined product and comes with storage space. It has an extra grinding element that separates products well which allows for a final product that's perfect for smoking a roll or a bowl.

3) 4-Piece Grinders

4-piece grinders are most popular among regular smokers because of their added functionality. It features three sections; one for grinding, one for storage, and last for catching highly concentrated products. This last compartment is what makes this grinder different from others - it collects highly concentrated products, which you would lose otherwise. These tiny and potent products are important to regular smokers because of their varied uses.

4) Automatic Grinders

Automatic grinders are perfect for frequent smokers who are tired of breaking up their product by hand and are looking for an even quicker option. All you need to do is place your product in the small hopper inside, close it, and press a button to grind. The high-speed blades powered by a battery will turn and grind the product for you. The automatic functionality is also ideal for those who experience hand issues like arthritis, tremors, or carpal tunnel syndrome.


Grinders can help transform your smoking sessions and save you more time in the long run. The secret to a slow-burning smoking experience with perfectly smooth draws is a consistent grind. Find your perfect grinder at MatchBox Bros!

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