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A Look Into RAW Rolling Papers

by admin Apr 15 2021

Back in the day, buying rolling papers was pretty simple. There weren’t too many different options available, so one would simply purchase what was available at the local shop. These days, there is an abundance of different papers with varying sizes, shapes, and material. In order to make purchasing rolling papers an easier process, We’ve put together a guide that features one of the leading rolling paper brands in the industry: RAW Rolling Papers.

What are Rolling Papers?

Rolling papers are thin sheets of paper in which you can roll tobacco or other products before smoking. According to RAW, the start of rolling papers began in the 1600s when street beggars in Spain would roll the discarded cigar ends in strips of newspapers (Tobacco was expensive back then). These days, rolling papers aren’t made of newspapers, and come in different sizes and materials to complement each smoker's taste. It’s not surprising that with all the different papers available, smokers prefer to roll their product for consumption. Some roll by hand, and others use a rolling machine. Is one better over the other? In our opinion, this depends on the smoker, but that’s a discussion for another time.

Not sure how to create the perfect roll? Here are some straightforward steps to make the rolling process more efficient.

In theory, you can roll one up with any rolling paper; however, the selection of rolling paper is more critical than you’d think. It can change your whole smoking experience. Today, one brand is taking over the industry with its unbleached and chalk-free papers. We are talking about RAW rolling papers.

About RAW Rolling Papers

As you venture into the world of rolling your products, getting the proper rolling papers could change your experience for the best or the worst. But RAW rolling papers promise the best. Not just in words but also in the types of rolling papers they put out into the market. There is an assortment of rolling papers available to choose from that can enhance your smoking experience. The right rolling paper for you depends on your personal smoking preferences.

Types of RAW rolling papers

RAW rolling papers have gained a massive following since their debut in 1993. The company makes its papers from plants with no additives or chemicals. With this in mind, you can expect there to be minimal processing: no chalks and dyes, unlike other manufacturers.

The different types of RAW rolling papers include:

  1. RAW Classic papers: These rolling papers are made from the purest form of plant fibers, with a natural sap gumline for the finish. To verify their authenticity, check for the steamed watermark at the back.
  2. RAW Black Papers: These black papers are revolutionizing the market by being the first batch of unbleached, double-pressed papers on a thin sheet for you to roll your products.
  3. RAW Organic Hemp Papers: These Spanish-made papers comprise a natural gum line and hemp. With this particular paper, you end up with a rolling paper that burns slowly and cleanly for you to enjoy your legal herb.

Sizes of RAW Rolling Papers

RAW is a favorite brand among smokers for many reasons, but one is its overall inclusivity – they have something for everyone! Their papers come in different sizes, including:

  • 1¼ papers: These papers are among the first papers produced in Spain. It is also RAW's original size.
  • 1½ papers: This is probably the most common rolling paper size among smokers, and has been in use since the 1970s.
  • Single-wide: These papers come in three designs, the single-feed, the double-feed, and the cut corners.
  • King-size Slim: These papers are 110mm long, and perfect for those who like to enjoy bigger smokes. And the king-size slim from RAW is better than other brands because it leaves very little leftover paper after rolling your product.

Choose the right size for you based on these factors: how comfortable you are with rolling, the environment you are in, and your level of experience.

Product Options from RAW

RAW Rolling Papers can either be bought in large or in small packages. Buying a full box can be more economical for

those who smoke regularly since it is cheaper compared to buying a single pack of papers. RAW offers full box options for their rolling papers that come in a wide variety of packages ranging from 32 sheets per pack, 50 packs per box, and more! Additionally, if you are finding rolling tips becoming a hassle, RAW offers boxes with both rolling papers and pre-rolled tips. These are available in the form of Artesano, Connoisseur, Creaseless, Masterpiece, and Rolls.

What are the benefits of using RAW Rolling Papers?

RAW Rolling papers are among the leading smoking accessories in the industry. The brand offers a myriad of benefits to smokers everywhere – no matter their skill level. They supply an assortment of rolling papers so that you can pick the perfect one for you. Additionally, all the materials that RAW uses for their rolling papers are organic so you won’t have to worry about any questionable additives or fillers in their products. With RAW’s wide selection of rolling papers, any partaker has the ability to create their most ideal smoking experience for their needs.

MatchBox Bros is a proud, authorized seller of RAW products. Shop now for a variety of RAW rolling papers as well as rolling trays, pre-rolled cones, and more.

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