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Why the RAW LIFE Modular Grinder Will Change Your Life

by admin Sep 21 2021

When it comes to an authentic smoking experience brands like RAW come to mind. As one of the most popular and well-known smoking accessory brands, RAW offers an extensive selection of products such as rolling papers, pre-rolled cones, rolling trays, bubblers, apparel, and more. Today, we will be taking a look at the RAW LIFE Modular Grinder, also known as the RAW LIFE Grinder V3. As an upgraded version of the RAW LIFE Grinder, the RAW LIFE Modular Grinder is one of RAW’s most popular releases that offers its customers a better and more efficient way to grind their legal herb or tobacco. With this in mind, we break down what you need to know about the RAW LIFE Modular Grinder.

What are Grinders and Why Use Them?

To start, here’s a quick introduction into grinders. Grinders are functional tools that help smokers grind their tobacco or favored smoking product down to a finer grain and consistency that makes it easier to roll or pack into a bowl. While there are different varieties of grinders in the market, the most common grinders are the traditional cylinder grinders. Cylinder grinders can come in a variety of sizes and functionalities and are classified based on the number of pieces or layers.

A 2-piece grinder is the most simple and straightforward type of grinder, with only one main compartment used for grinding and storage. 3-piece grinders have two compartments that separate grinding and storage. It adds an extra element that separates your product well. 4-piece grinders are the most popular type of grinder for avid smokers. With compartments specifically designed for grinding, storage, and catching highly concentrated products, smokers can make use of every last bit of their product of choice.

Lastly, there are even automatic grinders on the market that have their own battery and only require users to press a button to finely grind their product in a matter of seconds.

Grinders allow smokers to enhance their overall smoking experience due to their ease of use and convenience. We’ve put together 4 reasons why you should be making use of a grinder and adding it to your list of essentials:

  • Time-Saving. Breaking up your smoking product by hand can be very time-consuming. By making use of a grinder, you can get your product ready for use in seconds and break up even the stickiest of products.
  • Increased Potency & Flavor. When you break up a product manually, the highly potent qualities of the product can get stuck to your hand, taking away the potency and changing the flavor of your smoking product. Grinders keep your product intact for stronger flavors and potency.
  • Better Burn. This all comes down to thermodynamics, if you want your product to burn more consistently and produce a cleaner hit, you want to have finely ground products. This is precisely what grinders provide.
  • Storage. Grinders provide a practical way to store and carry your preferred smoking product around so you can take a smoke whenever you want, without the mess.

The RAW LIFE Modular Grinder

The RAW LIFE Modular Grinder, also known as RAW LIFE Grinder V3, is a new and improved version of the best selling RAW LIFE Grinder. This recent iteration of the classic RAW LIFE Grinder is RAW's new flagship grinder, and when it comes to its build and versatility, there's no denying that the RAW LIFE Modular Grinder is a cut beyond the competition.

First off, let’s go over everything new about the RAW LIFE Modular Grinder. The top lid of the grinder now has a non-slip, rubber gripped lip, which makes grinding even more effortless. Additionally, this upgraded grinder has a new tooth pattern that has been reworked so you can get a finer and more consistent grind for optimal use.

Made out of anti-static aluminum magnesium alloy, the RAW LIFE Modular Grinder is designed to last a lifetime, no matter how many times it may be accidentally dropped. It is a 4-piece grinder with each component being easily replaceable. Smokers who use this grinder can customize it to their own preference by adding or removing components to create their ideal grinder. The teeth, screen, and even the inner ridges can all come apart for both cleaning and customization. Although every piece is designed to easily come apart and be replaceable, each piece is engineered to ensure that everything stays firmly intact. Want to remove the screen and let all the ground products come together? You can do so. Prefer a standard 3-piece grinder design? That's fair game as well! The RAW LIFE Modular Grinder’s razor-sharp teeth are designed in a new and improved pattern for a better, fluffier grind, which not only makes packing and rolling much easier but contributes to a longer and smoother smoking experience.

Currently, the RAW LIFE Modular Grinder is available in two colors: black and red. As a whole, this grinder is designed for smoking enthusiasts. It is a straightforward package that grants maximum customization and enhanced smoke sessions. Buying the RAW LIFE Modular Grinder is an affordable investment that you will definitely not regret.


Want to get your hands on the RAW LIFE Modular Grinder? Look no further! MatchBox Bros is proud to be an authorized and trusted seller of an array of RAW products. Shop the RAW LIFE Modular Grinder on our site today alongside countless other authentic RAW products designed to improve your overall smoking experience.

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