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How To Spot Counterfeit Elements Rolling Paper

by MATCHBOX BROS Aug 16 2023

Are you concerned about counterfeit Elements Rolling Papers? Are you looking for a quick guide to making sure your Elements Rolling Papers are genuine and authentic? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

At MatchBox Bros, we guarantee that ALL products we sell on our website are genuine and authentic. But if that’s not enough, here are a few other ways you can verify that your Elements Rolling Paper Products from MatchBox Bros are 100% genuine.

Verification Method #1: Inspect the Starter Sheet/Watermark

The most straightforward way to verify the authenticity of your new Elements Rolling Paper pack is to examine the starter sheet included within. Typically, these packs are accompanied by a blue starter sheet that showcases a unique watermark pattern and a coat of arms design. Within this coat of arms design, you will discover the letters "HBI" or small symbols representing different elements like fire and water.

It's important to note that certain older packaging might lack a starter sheet featuring the distinct watermark and coat of arms design described above. If your pack of Elements Papers is missing the starter sheet, keep reading below.

If your Elements pack doesn't include a starter sheet or you've already removed it, you can still use the method mentioned above, although it might be slightly more challenging. Inspect the watermark on the rolling paper by holding it up to the light.

Example: The previous version of Elements King Size Wide, initially known as Elements King Size, had packaging that contained only a plain blue starter sheet without the distinctive watermark and coat of arms design. As explained earlier, you can still confirm its authenticity by examining the rolling paper itself by holding it up to the light.

Verification Method #2: Check the Spelling

In general, most counterfeits have one thing in common: the final product almost always contains spelling or grammar errors. And this holds true for Elements products as well, so if you notice any odd spellings or spacing issues in the product’s text, you probably purchased a fake Elements product. You may have seen this image in our blog titled How to Spot Counterfeit RAW.

Verification Method #3: Verify “Distributed by HBI International”

Elements papers are distributed through HBI International. If this name sounds familiar, it's because HBI International is the distributor for RAW products as well as numerous other beloved brands. Each package of Elements rolling paper should display the following text on its packaging: 

  • Distributed by HBI International, 
  • Phoenix, AZ 85009, USA

Verification Method #4: Verify that the product is for the US Market.

Genuine Elements prominently features on its packaging the text "SALE ONLY ALLOWED IN THE UNITED STATES." If this specific statement is absent from the packaging, it should raise concerns about the possibility of the product being counterfeit. Naturally, if you purchased the product while outside the country, such as in Canada, this might not apply. However, if your purchase was local and intended for the US market, the absence of this statement could indicate that the Elements paper you acquired did not come from an authorized source. As a result, the probability that the Elements paper is authentic becomes less likely.

Verification Method: Honorable Mentions

  • Prop 65 Warning: New versions of Elements papers include a "Prop 65 Warning" label to inform consumers in California about possible harm from certain chemicals. If you are verifying an older package, you may notice that this label is missing.
  • Look for the Text: The newer packaging of the product includes text that reads "NOT FOR TOBACCO USE. FOR USE WITH LEGAL SMOKING HERBS ONLY." This information is not present on the older packaging.

  • Windmill Design: In the past, older Elements packaging had a windmill design located in the top left corner that you would see when you opened it. However, this windmill design is no longer present on the newer packaging. 
  • Magnetic Closure: Only specific Elements 1¼" size papers are equipped with a magnetic closure feature.
Elements Products

Why Verifying Your Elements Products is Important

It's incredibly simple for dishonest sellers to offer you fake products to save a little money for themselves. However, using these counterfeits comes with risks, particularly because you won't have any knowledge of the materials and substances used in these imitation products.

For instance, let's consider counterfeit Elements Trays that are produced in unauthorized factories. These trays could include dangerous metals like lead, which could mix with your herbs and pose a threat to your health. Similarly, counterfeit Elements papers might contain substances like chalk, coloring agents, and other potentially harmful ingredients that can negatively affect your body. Therefore, being watchful and being able to confirm the authenticity of your product will greatly contribute to ensuring your safety.

Find Authentic Elements Products at MatchBox Bros

At Matchbox Bros, we strongly oppose counterfeit products and are committed to providing you with high-quality, authentic products at the best prices. You can be rest assured that all Elements products offered on, as well as a wide variety of other products, are authentic in order to give you the best possible experience.

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