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How to Use Rolling Tips for a Perfect Smoke Every Time

by MATCHBOX BROS Aug 07 2023

If you're searching for ways to enhance your smoking experience, using rolling tips may be the answer. Often seen as a mere accessory, these small elements play a crucial role in your smoke sessions. So, how do you use them to ensure a perfect smoke every time? Let's find out.

Understanding the Importance of Rolling Tips

Understanding why rolling tips, also known as filters or crutches, are essential is the first step. They add structure to your roll, keep loose herbs from entering your mouth, improve airflow, and allow you to smoke your roll all the way down to the end without burning your fingers.

Choosing the Right Rolling Tips

Choosing the right rolling tips that suit your preferences is vital. Available in different materials like paper, wood, or glass, each type offers a unique smoking experience. For instance, RAW Rolling Paper Tips are an excellent choice for those who appreciate a natural, unrefined paper tip. For those who prefer wood tips, Dank 7 Wooden Tips are a great option. If glass tips are more your speed, then the RAW Black Glass Tips might be the tips for you. 

RAW Rolling Tips

Rolling Your Own Tip

To create a tip, start by making several accordion folds at one end of the tip paper. Then roll the remaining paper around the folded part. The end product should form a cylinder that fits into the end of your smoke. This accordion fold keeps any herb from slipping through while still allowing smoke to pass.

Placing the Tip in Your Paper

Once you've rolled your tip, it's time to place it into your rolling paper or blunt wrap. Position the rolled tip at one end and fill the rest of the paper with your chosen herb.

Rolling and Enjoying Your Smoke

While rolling your smoke, ensure the tip remains in place. Once you've sealed your joint or blunt, you're ready to light up and enjoy. The tip will prevent any small pieces of herb from entering your mouth and keep the end of your smoke open.

Opting for Pre-Rolled Tips

If the idea of rolling your own tips seems too tedious, pre-rolled tips are a great alternative. Products like RAW Pre-Rolled Tips are ready for immediate use, bypassing the need for folding and rolling.

In conclusion, using rolling tips is an effective method to elevate your smoking experience. By improving airflow, preventing the inhalation of herb particles, and providing better structural support, rolling tips bring you closer to that perfect smoke. Ready to try them out? Find your ideal rolling tips at today!

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