Hemp Wraps

Shop our extensive collection of Hemp Wraps.  Hemp Wraps are great alternatives to traditional blunt wraps that are made with tobacco since hemp wraps contain zero nicotine.  It is typically thicker than conventional paper, and can burn slower than regular rolling paper.  Some of the brands we carry are High Hemp, Hemparillos by Royal Blunt, and Juicy Hemp Wraps by Juicy Jays.  

  • Zagz Hemp Wraps

    Zagz Hemp Wraps

    Zagz Hemp Wrap by Zig Zag is a great alternative to traditional blunt wraps.  These slow burning hemp wraps are smooth and have an exceptional draw.  Each resealable pack contains 2 tobacco free hemp wraps with included packing straws. 2...

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    High Hemp Organic Wraps

    These Non-GMO alternative to tobacco blunt wraps contain zero additives that often come with traditional tobacco products.  High Hemp Organic Wraps are made from organically grown industrial hemp and has become a favorite amongst smoking enthusiasts...

    $1.00 - $17.00
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  • Juicy Terp Enhanced Hemp Wraps - All Flavors

    Juicy Terp Enhanced Hemp Wraps

    Juicy Jays put all of the years of experience they have into making Hemp Wraps to burn, taste, roll, and feel just like a premium tobacco wrapper.  The team at Juicy Jay's have taken their already popular hempwraps to the next level by boosting the...

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    High Hemp Cones

    High Hemp Artisanal Hemp Cones are made from sustainably grown European hemp sourced from the netherlands. These cones provide a smooth taste without all the harsh toxic ingredients found in other traditional wraps used today.  It provides a smooth...

    $2.00 - $20.00
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  • King Pin Hemp Wrap Multiple Flavors

    King Pin Hemp Wraps

    King Pin Hemp Wraps features a combination of the Perfect Fold™ and Sticky Lip™ inventions to bring you a very easy-to-roll-and-stick hemp wrap. These wraps stick and roll better than the old, straw technology and will provide you a much...

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    Juicy Hemp Wraps

    Juicy Hemp Wraps are made with Juicy Jay's famous triple-dip® flavor system and sealed extra tight for guaranteed freshness.  Each pack contains 2 flavorful wraps that burn, taste, roll, and feel like a premium tobacco wrapper.  Enjoy...

    $1.25 - $25.00
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  • Cyclones Hemp Cones Blueberry Cyclones Hemp Cones

    Cyclones Hemp Cone

    Cyclones Hemp Pre Rolled Cones.  These cones are made with Hemp and packed with flavor! There is no tobacco and each cone comes with a built-in filtered tip. Each pack contains two pre-rolled Blueberry cones and a packing poker tool. There is a...

    $1.00 - $20.00
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  • Good Times SuperHemp Wraps

    Good Times SuperHemp Wraps

    Good Times SuperHemp Wraps are made from Gluten and GMO Free Organic Hemp.  These wraps feature an original hemp texture and contain Zero Tar or Nicotine.  Each pack contain 2 hemp wraps and 2 filter tips. 2 Wraps/Pack 25 Packs/Box

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  • Hemp Zone Wraps Multi Flavor

    Hemp Zone 5/$1 Wraps

    A great way to burn one without the nicotine and chemicals found in tobacco wraps.  Hemp Zone Wraps are made with Canadian hemp and contains absolutely ZERO nicotine or tobacco.  These wraps are "cigarillo" size and come 5 wraps per pouch...

    $1.00 - $14.00
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  • XXL Herbal Wraps Flavor Collection

    XXL Herbal Wraps

    XXL Herbal Wraps are made by Royal Blunts who also makes the popular XXL Blunt wraps.  These herbal wraps are made from hemp and is a great alternative to blunt wraps made from tobacco.  These herbal wraps provide a satisfying, slow burn with a...

    $1.00 - $15.00
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  • Hemparillos Multi Flavor Single Pack

    Hemparillos Hemp Wraps by Royal Blunts

    Made from the finest European Hemp, Royal Blunt Hemparillos is organic, slow burning, and all natural.  It comes 4 rillo sized wraps per pouch and they contain absolutely ZERO nicotine and tobacco.   4 Wraps/Pack 15 Packs/Box Available...

    $1.00 - $12.00
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    King Palm Rolls - Banana Cream Flavor

    The New Flavored King Palms offers all the great features of the original King Palms while introducing the option to Activate their amazing flavors by simply squeezing and popping their corn husk filter. These King Palm Slim Rolls are Banana Cream...

    $3.00 - $38.00
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  • King Palm Mini Rolls Berry Terp Flavor KING PALM 2 PACK

    King Palm Mini Rolls - Berry Terp

    King Palm's Berry Terp Flavored Rolls offer all the great features of the original King Palm Rolls.  To activate the flavored joint tip, simply squeeze the corn husk filter to release the terp infused oil stored in the flavor capsule.  Once...

    Was: $3.00 - $40.00
    $2.75 - $38.00
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  • True Hemp Wraps

    True Hemp Wraps

    True Hemp Wraps are made with pure hemp and are 100% tobacco and nicotine free, which means you get one of the cleanest smokes that a wrap can provide. These wraps come with 2 in each pack — you can be certain your wraps will be fresh with True...

    $1.00 - $15.00
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