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4 Must-Have Smoking Products to Try

by admin Jan 17 2021

The new year brings new opportunities, or in our case, new products! Start your year off with a variety of new, functional smoking accessories for your next smoke session. For a smoking connoisseur, having the latest and greatest products are essential. Here is a selection of four products that are already creating some buzz in the industry.

1) RAW LIFE Modular Grinder

As the name suggests, this grinder was designed to last a lifetime. The RAW LIFE Modular Grinder is one of the most durable and functional grinders on the market. Every part of this grinder is removable, replaceable, and easy to clean - without any extra hassle! One of the great aspects about this grinder’s flexibility is that it allows one to fully customize it to their ideal preference. Built with an anti-static aluminum-magnesium alloy, this grinder is deliberately engineered to not only perfectly break up your product, but also fluff it up to pure perfection - making it easy to roll up or pack in a bowl.

PRO TIP: Apply hemp or olive oil to keep your grinder lubricated at all times. Available now in black or red.

2) Bump Box Ultra with Smell Proof Bag – Cookies Edition

Intended for maximum functionality, the Bump Box Ultra is the lightest and smallest model in their line. Although small in size, this Bumpboxx is equipped with an ultra loud sound system that features a bass radiator, bluetooth connectivity, and a USB charging port. If that’s not enough, it’s bundled with the Cookies Edition Smell-Proof BumpPack Backpack, which is the perfect place to place BOTH your legal herb and the Bump Box Ultra! This smell-proof backpack features a carbon lined top and dual zippers, ideal for storing all your smoking accessories.

FUN FACT: This bundle is TSA-approved, making it super easy to carry around once travel is safe again. Get yours now!

3) Dab Rite™ Digital IR Thermometer


Designed for smoking savants, the Dab Rite™ is a state-of-the-art digital infrared thermometer that allows you to take full control of elevating your dab experience. The Dab Rite™ fits most dab rigs and features a flexible temperature sensor, LED guide lights, built-in emissivity settings, light and sound alerts, and an automatic shut-off. All of these unique and distinctive attributes combine to help you reach your preferred temperature accurately and efficiently time and time again. The Dab Rite™ Digital IR Thermometer is available here.

FUN FACT: For your safety, the Dab Rite™ features an automatic power off after five minutes of inactivity. The built-in alerts will notify you with both light and sound once you reach your preferred temperature!

4) RAW Black Smell Proof Smokers Pouch v2


RAW Black Smell Proof Smokers Pouch

Looking for more devices to store your product that will also help mask the smell for ultimate discretion? With five layers of smell resistant material, the new and improved RAW

Black Smell Proof Smokers Pouch v2 is the perfect storage accessory for you! Equipped with silicone zippers, this pouch will keep all your smoking products fresh and ready for your next session. The layers and dual bag-in-bag smell-lock foil allow the pouch to lock in the fragrance of your legal herb or tobacco - hassle-free. Get yours now in 3 convenient sizes!

FUN FACT: This pouch is also water resistant and designed to make spilled materials easy to retrieve – all you have to do is remove the foil insert!

Complete Your Smoking Experience Today!

Get all of your smoking essentials at MatchBox Bros! With our wide selection of smoking accessories, you’ll be sure to find anything and everything you need - even the items you didn’t know you needed.

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