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Rolling Trays: Everything You Should Know

by admin Dec 21 2020

Rolling your own is still one of the most popular methods of consuming legal herb. It is a convenient way to smoke on the go or share with friends. When you roll your own smokes, you can roll to suit your needs perfectly by controlling how much product is being used. When rolling your own smoke, a rolling tray can be your best friend. It will provide a flat surface to roll on and also catch any loose material for the next sesh. Once finished, you can use it to gather all your rolling accessories such as rolling papers, filters, and scissors since they can easily get scattered or lost.

What are Rolling Trays?

The rolling tray is the ultimate tool designed for your convenience. While the idea behind them is pretty simple, rolling trays have revolutionized the way smokers roll. Constructed to make rolling easy, clean, and effortless, rolling trays feature a flat, smooth surface to give you enough space to perfect your rolling style and keep your product in place to prevent any spillage. Rolling trays ensure a seamless and trouble-free rolling experience for both beginners and seasoned pros!

Types of Rolling Trays

There are many types of rolling trays available on the market to suit your personal taste, categorized according to the materials used to manufacture them which include wood, glass, metal, and plastic. Each of these have their own set of pros and cons.

  • Metal rolling trays: Made from metal sheets, metal rolling trays are usually the most durable and long-lasting out of all rolling trays. They come in a variety of styles - from simple to more elaborate designs, and artworks.
  • Wooden rolling trays: These trays usually are made from oak, acacia, bamboo, and cedar. They tend to cost a little more than metal or plastic rolling trays due to their eco-friendly and intricate nature. Wooden trays are both functional and durable, but they tend to be not as convenient as others when traveling because of their weight.
  • Plastic rolling trays: These all-purpose trays are usually the most affordable. They are made from plastic, so they aren't as durable as wood or metal, but they are easy to clean, very functional, and convenient to carry along when you’re on-the-go.
  • Glass rolling trays: Taking sophistication and class to the next level, glass rolling trays are made with thick, durable glass that will stand the test of time and act as a stand out piece in your collection. Some are encased in silicone which makes them shatter-resistant, which is helpful if you’re more of a “butterfingers”. However, it is important to keep in mind that the glass material results in these trays weighing much more than its counterparts, making it not as travel-friendly.

Sections and Features

Rolling trays come in a variety of functional designs to keep your product and accessories organized. While many rolling trays have a flat simple design, some come with increased functionality: different sections and pockets to hold your product, holders to keep your rolls standing upright, and slots to store your rolling papers. Some brands even offer customized rolling trays that allow you to choose an image of your choice to be printed on your rolling tray to make it truly one of a kind.

Whether you’re always on-the-go or prefer to prep everything at home, rolling trays are available in various sizes, such as small, medium, and large, to ensure you find one that best suits your rolling habits and workstation.

Top Rolling Tray Brands at MatchBox Bros

1. RAW Rolling Trays

RAW was put on the map for their rolling papers and high-quality rolling trays. This company puts so much attention into the design and functionality of their trays by incorporating the user’s rolling experience. RAW trays are excellent in quality, convenient, and affordable. Their trays are offered in wood, metal, or glass, and are available in all kinds of sizes and designs.

2. OCB Rolling Trays

OCB trays are made from thick, durable metal to ensure endurance. They have sleek and classic designs that are available in large, medium, and small sizes, so no matter your preferences, you'll find the right size. The rolling surface is smooth and the edges curved, making for a design that helps to get your product rolled to pure perfection.

3. Juicy Jays Rolling Trays

Although Juicy Jays are better known for their flavored rolling papers, they have also perfected the art of manufacturing high-quality rolling trays. Their trays come in different sizes and are made from durable metal with rounded corners for easy cleanup. They feature Juicy Jay's colorful artwork that adds some excitement and fun to your ordinary rolling session.

What are the Benefits of Rolling Trays?

  • Prevents spillage: Some legal herb and product can be costly, and the rolling process is often fraught with spills. Without a rolling tray, while you may only lose a little bit of product, it can start to accumulate to a lot of loss if it happens each time you roll your own! Rolling trays can catch any spillage, which will not only save you from losing your product but will also save you money. The days of losing a ton of your product to the abyss that's your couch, divots in your table, or even your lap will finally be a thing of the past.
  • Faster, easier clean-up: Rolling can be a messy experience, with your smoking accessories all over the place and product spilling everywhere. By using a rolling tray, you'll virtually have little to no mess to clean up and all your rolling accessories will be in one place.
  • Easy Rolling Experience: Rolling trays make rolling exponentially easier. The shape of the tray ensures all the product collects in the middle, right where your wraps or rolling papers would be. With a space that is dedicated for your rolling needs, it will be much easier to finesse your perfect roll.


Now that you know everything there is to know about rolling trays, you can grab yourself the ideal rolling tray for your needs at MatchBox Bros!

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