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Choosing the Best Rolling Paper for Your Needs

by admin Jan 21 2021

Rolling legal herb or tobacco is an art form that every smoking connoisseur should master, but choosing the right rolling papers can either make or break your experience. To elevate your rolling skill and get the best bang from your next smoking session, selecting top rolling papers that are the best for you is vital. With so many different brands of rolling papers on the market, it can be overwhelming to figure out which ones to choose. In order to make it easier for you to find the ideal rolling paper for your needs, we’ve put together this guide to feature the different varieties of rolling papers.

What are rolling papers?

Rolling papers are made specifically for enclosing your legal herb or tobacco to smoke. Made from a variety of substances, each type of rolling paper has its own distinguishing characteristics. Rolling papers offer an extremely straightforward way to smoke your legal herb or flowers, enhancing your overall experience.

Types of rolling papers 

There are a wide variety of rolling papers available to choose from, but it all depends on what your smoking preferences are. Rolling papers are made from different types of materials and can come in a range of different sizes and flavors.


1) Organic Hemp Papers

It’s no secret that organic products are on the upward trend and are here to stay. Organic rolling papers are free of bleach and other chemical additives so you don't have to worry about toxic products or chemicals in your rolling paper.

If you go the organic hemp rolling paper route, RAW rolling papers are a great option to consider. They're made from hemp, are additive-free, and entirely vegan. The papers are even designed with stop lines and cross-weaving for a slow, even burn.

2) Ultra Thin Papers

For smokers who enjoy a prolonged, all-natural smoke, ultra thin rolling papers are perfect for you! They are made from narrow and lightweight fibers to minimize the amount of paper you smoke. With less paper, you'll have less ash, less coughing fits, and cleaner hits. However, these are typically recommended for experts as the thinner material can make it trickier to handle compared to its other rolling paper counterparts.

3) Rice Papers

Made from processed rice, rice rolling papers are thin, clean, and light! They are one of the best slow-burning rolling papers around. The clean taste makes the flavor profile of your legal herb stand out. If you're looking for a lengthy, high-quality smoking experience with your friends, rice rolling papers are your perfect choice. However, because of its texture, it doesn't grip easily, which makes it difficult for beginners to roll well right off the bat. Rice papers are also vulnerable in damp air conditions because of its lightweight material. 

4) Slow Burn Papers

Slow burn hemp rolling papers are thicker and rougher than rice rolling papers, providing a better grip when rolling. They have a very mild flavor that won't disrupt the natural aroma and flavor of your legal herb. They go out less often than rice papers and have a medium burn rate. However, like rice rolling papers, slow-burn hemp papers are vulnerable in damp air conditions because they absorb humidity. 

5) Clear Rolling Papers

Clear rolling papers are a fun and interesting way to smoke your product. They are made from a specialized cellulose film that burns cleanly and slowly and compact nicely around your legal herb or tobacco as you smoke, providing a very tight pull. Clear rolling papers also have a very mild sweet taste, without affecting the flavors of your legal herb. If you're looking for rolling papers with a nice smooth draw and a great taste, clear rolling papers are perfect for you.

6) Rolling Paper Sets

Did you know that some rolling papers come as a set with pre-rolled tips? With these sets, there is no need to go through the inconvenience of making your own tips. There are also pre-rolled cones available that are perfect if you're looking for a more convenient way to smoke your products on the go. You can choose from a selection of options and find your perfect fit!


Rolling papers come in a variety of flavors ranging from fruity flavors to dessert flavors! Because of our wide selection of flavored rolling papers, you are sure to find a flavor you like. The choices are endless! Complement the aromatics of your chosen strain and add an extra oomph to the terpenes.


There are a variety of rolling papers' sizes available, depending on your smoking preferences. Most rolling papers come in these five sizes:

  • Single-Wide: Perfect for individual use for rolling smaller, tighter rolls. Because of their small surface size, they can be challenging to deal with for beginners.
  • 1¼ inches: This size is one of the more popular sizes and is a great choice to share amongst a small group of friends. Once rolled, they are close to a standard size at 78mm x 44mm.
  • 1½ inches: If you're looking for a longer smoking session, the 1 ½ size is where it’s at. Although it has similar length dimensions as the 1¼ size, it has a wider width of 60mm. Once rolled, it yields a roll that is thicker than a cigarette, making it suitable for a group of 4-5 people.
  • Double-Wide: This size offers a similar length as the 1½ size, but has an even wider width of 88mm, which allows you to enjoy a thicker roll for a more prolonged smoking experience. However, if not rolled correctly, you'll be smoking more paper than product.
  • King-Size: These rolling papers have the longest length on the market, making them ideal for cone rolls for parties of 5 or more. This specific size is more comfortable to handle than smaller rolls and allows for better tokes and ventilation.
  • King-Size Slim: These rolling papers are the same length as the King-size papers but have a smaller width, which allows you to conserve your product.

Remember – the size of your rolling papers will depend on your environment and smoking preference. Go for whatever you feel comfortable with.


Rolling papers are an essential smoking accessory. Deciding which rolling paper is best for you depends on a number of different factors that can create entirely different smoking experiences. Picking your perfect rolling paper is completely dependent on your own personal preference. of rolling papers to find the best one for you.

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